The best granny hookup sites in the USA

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The best granny hookup sites in the USA


  • Online chatting with attractive people
  • Excellent atmosphere to get closer easily
  • Experienced singles looking for good relationships
  • Plenty of chances to meet your one and only
  • Free registration
The best granny hookup sites in the USA
  • A Safe and Secure Dating Site
  • SilverSingles members know who they're talking to
  •  Location is important of course, but knowing you're a good fit with your matches makes finding 'the one' much, much easier.
The best granny hookup sites in the USA
  • Find all the local mature singles
  • Locally-focused dating site
  • Meet attractive milf looking for love
  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Free registration
The best granny hookup sites in the USA
Adult Friend Finder
  • Good search function
  • Very fast contact
  • Registration free of charge
  • Fast answers
The best granny hookup sites in the USA
  • 60 000 new users weekly
  • No judgement when it comes to kinks
  • Great for finding singles and couples

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Finding attractive older women to enjoy casual intimacy and hookups with used to be a tricky thing to do, either online or offline. Now, however, there are a plethora of dating opportunities for you to meet grannies who are eager for a quick, no-strings attached night of fun. 

To help you find the best online dating site or dating app for matching up with local grannies, we’ve included not only our ranking table for our top picks, but a few recommendations below, as well as some information to help make your decision a little easier! 

Some of the top granny hookup dating sites 

Whether it’s a hookup with a cougar, a meeting with a MILF, or getting your freak on with a granny, these services are some of the most known for helping young men meet older ladies around the USA. 

Senior Sizzle

senior sizzle logo

When it comes to dating grannies for hookups, Senior Sizzle claims to provide you with the companionship you need as well as the intimacy you crave. The service has become popular for its specific localized dating options to connect you with grannies that want what you do. 

The special thing about Senior Sizzle is that whether you are in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, you can arrange casual hookups with one of the best dating services for localized meetups using online services. 

The service does offer a few interesting features, including group chatting, private messaging, and the ability to share pictures and webcams with other users. Even if you don’t have the option to meet someone up in person, you can still enjoy yourself online. 

These features are good and do help the site to stand out a bit, but be aware that it does have an outdated, somewhat bare-bones look to the service. Although this is a service that offers a premium membership option, this does make it seem like a scam at times.

The best granny hookup sites in the USA

As a dating service, is a lot like Tinder in that you can match up with mature grannies near you based on your location. This alone has made it popular for single men that are hoping to enjoy the more casual side of senior dating with easy matching. 

Of course, what really makes so special is that it is an entirely free dating service to use. That means you can join today for free, and then not have to worry about any monthly subscription fees as you chat and video with willing members. 

There’s also an app to go along with the website if you prefer trying it out while you are on the go. This is great for the young men who are excited to meet on the fly as they go about their daily routine. 

There is also a feature called Priority Listing, which improves how you stand out in search results. 

One of the good things here is that you can create a profile video which can further help you stand out and separate yourself from other members, giving you and others something to enjoy even before you meet up.

The downside is that there may not be a lot of members in your area using the service, depending on where you live. Naturally larger cities are going to have more opportunities than smaller, rural places. 

Grannies To Meet

If the idea of taking senior dating to exciting and new places with opportunities for hookups and adventures sounds good to you, then Grannies To Meet is going to be your one-stop shop for browsing and matching older, mature women for hot steamy fun. 

The site and app are extremely popular for the chat rooms and different kind of chat features that they offer, ranging from rooms that are private to large rooms that anyone can join. You can also create groups to enjoy particular themes and kinks with. 

The special thing here is that you actually have a lot of control over how you optimize the website, meaning you can block entire groups of members from contacting you, or create specific areas to chat with others. 

There’s a lot of control here, and its user-friendly nature makes it extremely accessible to young and old alike. 

The downside to this is that when it comes to actually meeting grannies, you are again going to be limited by physical distances. If you are willing to go the extra mile for a hookup though, it can pay off in spades for you. 

Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder Logo

When it comes to kinks and hookups, and just all around casual sex, Adult Friend Finder is one of the most undisputed leaders for online dating. They are popular not only for their long-standing and successful service for people around the world, but also their variety. 

This means that messaging mature women is easy, as long as you take the time to fill out your profile correctly and set up the filters you want ahead of matching. Given how open and inclusive AFF is for sex and one night stands, you’ll have no trouble with granny hookups. 

The special thing here is how active the communities are on AFF, with far more users actually on the site and dating app than some of the more specific granny dating websites. Just having far more users to interact with means better odds at finding a quick hookup. 

What’s good about AFF is that the site is so well updated that it basically functions as a sexually-based social media for people to enjoy online dating for easy sex. Of course, the downside is that you may end up matching with non-grannies, which can be a problem. 

Then again, having more local GILFs to choose from is well worth the occasional off-match that you may have on the website. It’s what granny hook ups are all about, after all. 

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How to know which website is the right one for you and what you should consider

Although some people may be thinking about trying to find their true love on a dating site, granny hookups for younger men are really more about getting to meet up with GILFs for one night stands, casual sex, and more. 

That doesn’t mean that you can’t meet a potential soulmate looking for grannies to enjoy no-strings attached fun, but you should really try to nail down what it is you want first. This is the biggest key when considering the dating website or app that will work best for you. 

Do you just want to indulge your libido? Are you thinking about finding someone to spend quiet evenings with so you two can enjoy romantic candlelit dinners together? What about keeping your options open? 

Different services offer different kinds of specializations and members on these sites are going to keep their expectations in line with how those services define themselves. You should choose a dating site that aligns your interests and expectations with what they offer. 

Consider as well whether you want to just enjoy online chatting, flirting, and videos, or if you would prefer to get out there and meet grannies up. Some services focus more on just facilitating interactions online, whereas others help you to meet people in person. 

Finally, take a service out for a spin. You can almost always sign up for free and read reviews for how they have to offer before you spend a significant amount of time or money on them. Find one you like and stick with it, and before long you’ll find the hookups you want. 

senior woman in lingerie getting undressed

The pros  and  cons of online granny hookups

Whether you are using a free granny service to meet GILFs for free or you are paying a subscription service, there are nevertheless some pros and cons to consider about using an online service at all. We’ve listed some of the more important ones to mull over. 


We think there are a lot of things to like about hooking up with local grannies, and that’s why we can confidently say that these online services offer some great pros:

  • You can view profiles before you engage, so you can get a head’s up on what you are getting yourself into with a granny
  • Filtering prospective dates gives you more control over the kind of match making you will experience
  • Meet with local grannies for sex that you may not have met otherwise thanks to location-based matching, chatting, and video chat
  • Cut out a lot of the extra leg-work by joining active communities who are already online and looking to indulge in exactly what you want without judgement
  • Enjoy casual sex with the people you want to by setting up meetups without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home 


There are some problems that can come up with online dating, and its not exclusive to granny dating either, although some issues may be: 

  • Your dates may not always be as tech-savvy as you are and may have issues using the online services
  • The potential for scams such as financial or identity theft is a real issue that requires you and others to be constantly aware of
  • You may have to wade through a lot of unwanted, sometimes even fake, profiles and matches before you find someone that actually ticks all the right boxes for you

senior lady with pink hair and crazy eye makeup taking a selfie

How to make granny hookups work

When it comes to mature dating for casual sex, your pics that you put in your profile are going to say a thousand words. Make sure you make it clear what you want to offer your prospective dates with some enticing photos. 

That means spending some time, effort, and maybe even money and making sure your dating profile pictures and general pictures are high quality. Try to avoid revealing too much in your photos too, as you don’t want to give away the goods before they even contact you. 

Tease them a little bit, in other words. 

Of course, you also want to treat the people that you meet online with a bit of respect. There’s no reason not to avoid making the first move or even showing a little aggression with how you approach them for sex, but keep yourself restrained enough to respect your elders. 

Practice safe sex, as well. Just because they are grannies doesn’t mean that you can completely forget about safety for both you or your partner. On top of that, pay attention to what your date wants or would like to do and either try to comply or meet them halfway. 

Be flirtatious, courteous, and direct with what you want, and your hookups are more than likely to work out more frequently for you with grannies. 

naked senior woman playing with her pearl necklace

For a lot of single men who were always curious about indulging in their sexual fantasies of being with an older woman, the rise of dating services, specifically hookup apps, gave them not only the chance to explore these fantasies, but showed them that they weren’t alone. 

Before, when it was hard to actually go out and meet grannies in person, hookups weren’t as frequent and really weren’t all that possible. But thanks to communities that are active, inclusive, and supportive, there are many ways to meet grannies now thanks to online sites.

To top it off, they’re easy to use and friendly for both young and old. Not only are young guys using them frequently, but so are grannies, which is why they’re so successful in the first place. 

FAQ about granny dating sites and hookups

We can’t even begin to tackle all of the questions that must be on your mind about granny dating in the USA for hookups, but nevertheless we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and have answered them here for you now: 

What should I bring on a hookup date with a granny?

Generally speaking, you should be prepared to bring along the usual things that you would on any other hookup experience. Make sure you have protection, like a condom, and bring enough money to treat her to dinner and a few drinks, or at the very least a drink. 

Take the time to clean up, dress nicely, and make yourself appealing to her. You want to show her that you care enough to put effort into your own appearance, after all. 

Other than that, just bring yourself and a lot of confidence, and you’ll be on your way to a successful end of the date. 

How do I meet senior grannies for hookups?

Other than the recommended online services we’ve listed above and in our ranking tables, your best bet for meeting grannies offline would be to involve yourself in community events where seniors attend, and find out if any older women are available and interested. 

You can also frequent wine bars, lounges typically attached to hotels, and even at any clubs that cater to the 50 and 60+ crowd. Lounges tied to hotels are especially great for hookups because you have access to the obvious availability of a room. 

Are grannies interested in casual sex dating?

Yes, and little wonder too. Grannies especially don’t really lose that sex drive as they get older, and their interest in experience exciting sexual adventures with someone much younger than they are can help them feel young and wanted again.