Badults Review, Updated 2024

Published: January 18, 2022
Updated: August 17, 2023
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Badults is an affairs dating platform for married men and women looking to have casual affairs, discrete dating experiences, and more. As you will read in our Badults review, the site even offers something for serious dating and for people looking to start a friendship with someone online.

The site was initially launched in 1996 and is a part of the Casual Network B.V. Badults has found its place within the dating market by offering a convenient and easy-to-use platform that is intended to help get an affair started or to help you meet for sex.

However, the site isn’t all about adult affairs and giving people a place to initiate affair sex with other couples. Instead, it tries to cover a lot of ground by giving people flexibility in how they interact with the community, which is something we appreciate.

As one of the older married people dating sites around, Badults knows that there is a lot it can offer people from all walks of life. If you aren’t looking to enjoy some cheating escapades and have an affair, you can still find something for you on Badults.

But is everything that Badults offers you really all they claim? Check out our Badults review on membership programs, offers, prices, user-friendliness, and more to find out!

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Badults review summary

Badults offers a promising experience for anyone who is looking to enjoy either a casual affair, finding new people to chat with for friendship, or even a serious relationship. This flexibility is refreshing to see in a dating site and puts it ahead in its own way.

When we were browsing through the site and tested out contacting people, we met a good variety of women and men who were there for everything the site had to offer. That said, casual affairs were a core reason for many to use the site.

Of course, success on the site is tied to being a premium member, and so you will inevitably have to be willing to spend a bit of money to see results. This can be a problem for some people, so keep it in mind when you check the site out. Signing up is free though.

The other concern we had for the site was Badult’s disclaimer that it uses entertainers as a part of its members who will show up on your home page and mix into your search results. This does mean that you could be talking to someone who isn’t real.

We didn’t personally run into this, and the profiles we saw were of real people when we chatted with them. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t find some fake accounts on there and should be aware that this is a possibility.

The only other issue we had with Badult was that the process to unsubscribe from the auto-renewing membership plans was quite outdated, making it difficult. You need to either email the site operator, HQ, or their payment processor, Webbilling to cancel.

You could also write them a letter, but it is a bit of an involved process. However, if you enjoy the experience you have at Badult and put in the time and effort to meet people then you should be able to see that it is quite worth it.

Registering is free, so check it out! If you are interested in any other casual dating sites, make sure to check out the other in-depth reviews of the best sex apps our team has provided.

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Membership at Badults review

A lot of features will be limited to members who put in the time and money to upgrade to a subscription service. However, free members aren’t entirely left in the dark. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the free and paid memberships.

Free membership

Paid membership

Badults review on the types of membership

There are three kinds of packages that you can subscribe to if you choose to become a premium member at Badults. Each package offers different lengths for how long your membership will last, as well as a few different features.

Premium monthly plans’ features and pricing

Basic “Try it Now” membership

Upon expiration of the trial membership, it will be extended to a membership of 3 months, at a price of $43.07 per month (total: $129.22 ).

Classic membership

VIP membership

Coins – what they do and how to earn them

Coins are used in Badults Livecam service to watch models, tip them, and give them any sort of gifts via the cam service. Coins will also help you become a top member so that the other members notice you much faster. You get the following benefits whenever you buy Coins:

Coins – bundle costs

Coins can be purchased in the following bundles:

80 Coins $10.78
200 Coins $21.57
500 Coins $43.14 (bonus 100 coins)

You can also opt to have your Coins purchase automatically renew. By automatically refilling Coins you make sure that you always have enough credit to keep talking without interruption during a live cam session. You do not lose your Top Membership either.

Benefits include:

✍️ Registration process and profile creation

Registering for Badults doesn’t take long to do and is a pretty easy process to go through, so you can enjoy finding new people to chat with for casual, serious, and other relationships minutes after first going to the site. Here’s how to register:

  1. Signing up

    When you first come to the site you will be asked to identify your own sex and the sex of the people you are interested in having an affair with. You will also need to give a name, password, and agree to the site’s terms and conditions.

  2. Email verification

    Now you will be asked to provide a valid email account to use for verification purposes. Before you can proceed with the account creation you will need to check your email to verify your registration at Badults.

  3. Indicate what you are looking for

    You will have to specify what kind of experience and relationships you would like to have while on Badults. The site gives you three different options to choose from: sex dates, relationships, or friendships.

    Sex dates are for uncomplicated sexual encounters, relationships are for long-lasting dating that is meant to be more serious, and friendships are platonic matches for just meeting new people to be friends with.

  4. Personal data and questionnaire

    In the profile menu, you can answer questions about your physical appearance, hobbies, and personal beliefs. There are also some general questions you can answer to give potential matches some insight into who you are. These are optional.

  5. Upload photographs

    Finally, the site suggests uploading some pictures of yourself to give potential matches something to look at to know who they are talking with. Try to choose a picture that shows your good side but is still in good taste.

Badults review on user-friendliness


Registering for the site didn’t take us any time at all, and besides needing a valid email for verification purposes, there was nothing required from us to get started with finding people to chat with.


The site offered a fluid way to navigate from one page to another and was essentially seamless when going from page to page, or from the Live Cam to private messages. The only thing to point out is that nothing on Badult really stood out with site navigation.


Profiles were sparse in terms of the overall information. Granted, when people did bother to answer questions or give information about their interests and sexual quirks it could be insightful, but most profiles didn’t have everything completed.

Badults dating app

The app is very similar to how the website functions, although the overall look and feel are a little sleeker. Everything from chat to watching Live Cam is still functionally the same.


This is just as easy as it is with the website.


The site feels a little better here than on the website, so you may want to consider switching to the mobile app of the site if you haven’t already.

Adjusting profile

This can be done at any time and is easy to do if you ever want to update anything.

Badults review: contacting users

Getting in touch with people on Badults is easy, and you can start chatting with someone for either a new casual or serious relationship in a matter of moments.

How to chat with another user:

  1. First you will need to have a premium membership to message other users
  2. Click on a profile for a user that you would like to start a casual or serious relationship with
  3. Click on the ‘Message’ button to the right of the person’s profile picture
  4. A new message box will pop up, you can write your message here
  5. Click ‘Send’ to send your message

👍 Pros and cons 👎

✔️ What we like

❌ What we don’t like

Badults review FAQ

How do I delete a Badults account?

If you want to end your account with Badults you can delete your profile. Follow the steps from the profile menu to start the process. You will have to confirm the deletion again in the next step. You can, of course, register again anytime if you feel like it.

Is Badults safe?

Yes, Badults is a safe site to use and to process your payments through. However, with any dating site it is a good idea to use caution when handling your private information and payments. Never send strangers your information or money!

Is Badults any good?

This always depends on how much effort you put into finding someone to match with on any dating site. Overall, we would say that yes, it is. Paying members will inevitably have better odds at meeting someone.

How do I sign in to Badults?

All you have to do is provide some basic information about yourself and why you want to use the site, as well as a password and valid email account, and you can sign up quickly. To sign in again, just use the same email address as before and the password you first gave.

Why can’t I log in?

Make sure that everything you typed in is correct. If you are still having trouble, you can either contact support or use the activation link in your email.

I’ve forgotten my password. Can I still retrieve my account?

Not to worry, you can still retrieve your account. All you need to do is click on the button below the login requesting a password change. Follow the steps and you will be all set!

Can I block other users?

There is no way to block users, but it is possible to report their accounts by clicking the button below the ‘Friend request’ button in their profile.

How do I message other users?

1. Click on a profile
2. Click on the right side of a profile on ‘Send message’
3. Write your message and then click on ‘Send’

You will have to be a paying member to use this feature.

Can I see my MatchCheck results?

Yes, but only if you have a membership with their premium subscription services.

How much does Badults cost?

The cheapest membership is the 3-day trial set to 4.99 AUD.

How can I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel your subscription account you will have to send a message to their payment processor, Webbilling, either through email at [email protected] or through a written letter to the following address:
WB Technical Services B.V.,
Celsiusweg 32 – 58
5928 PR Venlo
The Netherlands.

How do I contact Badults?

Your best bet for getting in touch with Badults is to contact their support team via email at [email protected].

ℹ️ Company info

Badults is owned by HQ Entertainment Network GmbH & Co. KG, and is located at Fenzlgasse 1/7, 1150 Vienna, Austria.