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No matter where you are, there are other LGBTQ people near you and to help you find the right person we have selected the best sites and apps in the market.


We reviewed the dating sites directed specifically towards singles of different age groups and have selected the most serious over 50 dating sites and senior apps for you.


Seeking a life partner who shares the same religious beliefs and faith? We have the perfect dating website for you! Muslim? Christian dating sites? Jew?
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Do you want to have fun and are searching for a “no strings attached” date without the extra commitments of a more formal relationship? Check our selection of casual dating sites!


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Do you prefer to use your smartphone to flirt, find a partner or date people nearby your current location? We selected the best apps on the market for you.


The best dating sites for body positive and their allies, reviewed in detail. Make your dream come true and select the best dating services to meet plus size singles.


The best and most popular dating sites & apps in the market for serious dates and relationships. Here we select only the best rated and most used, take a look and read the reviews.


Single parent? Did you know there are a lot of dating sites and apps to meet singles like you, looking forward to eventually rebuild a family? Just have a look on our selection!


Find a match of the ethnic group of your choice. The demand for ethnic dating sites has grown significantly and we’ve detected the best dating apps and reviewed them for you.


Do you have a very busy life? Your professional activity requires a lot of attention and time? We help you find your perfect match by profession and education.


Check out the best little people dating services in the market to help you find the perfect pretender. Take a look!

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Every day, millions of singles are searching for the best online dating site amongst 1500 apps & other services on the market. The site of their choice should be free, have a considerable number of legit member profiles to match with and protect its users.

But how do you choose the best online dating site or app from this plethora of offers? Which dating apps besides Tinder are worth testing?

Datingroo is the top address for comparing & reviewing online dating sites & apps.

We match you with the most suitable dating site for you to make the search for a partner, a relationship or casual encounters as easy as possible.

Our team has made it their mission to be a resource for all singles who want to meet other single men or women on the internet. We show you how to be successful and explain what to consider when starting your dating game.

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When you are faced with the decision to start dating online, you are probably wondering which site suits me best or how do leading online dating services prevent scams on their sites

You may also want to know how dating sites work and whether online dating is really worth it.

Read our reviews of the most popular platforms out there and find the answers to all your questions.

In our reviews we tell you how much dating sites cost and whether free services are better. We explore how safe and reliable different platforms are, so you can be sure of a secure dating experience.

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No matter what you’re looking for — be it casual sex, fun flirts or the love of your life — we’ll find out which app or site best suits your needs.

Whether it’s dating for seniors & 50plus, LGBTQ+-friendly dating sites, fetish chats or affair dating portals, Datingroo offers online dating comparisons for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or special preferences.

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Even though the online dating is quick and easy, you will eventually encounter questions, especially if you have just registered on a dating site.

Those can be quite different, starting with general questions like:

What to say to girls on online dating sites?

When should I ask for an offline date?

What do people dislike about online dating sites?

… to more specific matters:

What are the best online dating sites for over 50?

How do I flirt on swinger sites?

What do I have to pay attention to when dating a single mother?

We have put together some good tips and guidelines that can help you out in difficult situations.

Our studies & articles

In addition to our tests and reviews of the most popular dating sites, our studies and articles offer added value for anyone who wants to learn more about love, dating, sex and relationships.

We conduct expert interviews, talk to employees and users of dating services and are always looking for relevant questions to provide you with new content worth a read.

From serious topics like Romance scams during the Covid-19 to entertaining articles like The cartoon characters the world gets off to, we cover everything that might be interesting to you.

To protect you as a single looking for flirts, casual sex or love on the Internet from fake accounts and fraud, we also educate you about privacy and security.


If you are a single looking for the best app to find someone for flirts, hookups or more  for free, don’t waste your time & let Datingroo help to show you which site’s your best match.

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