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How to Find the Best Dating Sites in America

Every day, millions of people are looking into online dating and searching for the best dating sites in America amongst 1500 dating services on the market, including apps.

People are usually quite specific with what they are searching for, such as free dating site and apps with a considerable number of legit member profiles to match with, a safe space to meet others, and privacy and security for its users.

But how do you filter through the best dating sites in America from this plethora of offers? And how to figure out which dating apps besides Tinder are worth your time without having to test all of them?

Datingroo is the top website for comparing and reviewing the best dating sites and dating apps in America.

We match you with the best dating services for your needs and desires, whether it’s a serious relationship, casual dating, LGBTQ dating, senior dating, little people, fetishes, and more.

Our team has made it their mission to be a resource for anyone who wants to meet someone online. We show you how to be successful in online dating and explain what are the things to consider when dating online.

Our Reviews and Recommendations of the Best Dating Sites in America

When you are faced with the exciting decision to start dating online, you might look at all these options and wonder about the pros and cons of each, costs, and which ones are the most reliable.

You may also want to know how each specific dating sites and apps work, and whether online dating is really going to be worth your time.

At Datingroo, we evaluate the best dating sites in America in our review articles, to provide you with an unbiased overview and assessment. 

We explore how safe and reliable different platforms are, so you can be sure of a secure dating experience.

Our Guides for Advice on Dating in America

Even though some find the online dating world easy and fun, not everyone has the same experience and that’s ok.

You might have general questions such as “How to start an engaging conversation”, or “How to handle rejection well”,  or “When should I ask for an offline date?”

… or more specific matters such as:

“What are the best online dating sites for over 50?”, “How do I flirt on swinger sites?”, “How to start dating after divorce?”.

We have put together tips and guidelines that can answer any questions you might have regarding online dating in America.

Our Studies & Analysis

In addition to our tests and reviews of the most popular dating sites, our studies and analysis articles offer added value for anyone who are curious about love, dating, sex and relationships.

We conduct expert interviews, talk to employees and users of dating services, and are always looking for relevant questions to provide you with new information.

From serious topics like “Romance scams during the Covid-19 pandemic” to entertaining articles like “The cartoon characters the world gets off to”, we cover everything that might be interesting to you.

To protect you as a single looking for flirts, casual sex, or love online from fake accounts and fraud, we also cover topics about privacy and security.

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