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Have you ever wondered what little people dating is and whether there was a place for you to give it a try? Perhaps you want to date someone with dwarfism and just aren’t sure where to go to do it? 

No matter the reason, there is an active online dating market for meeting other little people.

However, even if you are aware of online dating for people with dwarfism or to meet someone with dwarfism, not all sites are created equal. Whether the service is inadequate or there are security concerns, many dating sites fail to offer something reliable.

This is where Datingroo comes in. Not only have we taken the time to test, analyze, and write reviews for little people dating sites to help you find the best, we also provide insightful articles and information to help you meet your perfect match.

Read on to learn about some important distinctions in dwarf dating, what you can expect when you begin little people dating online and in person, and what to look for in a dating app for little people.

What is little people dating / dwarf dating / midget dating?

To begin with, the term ‘midget’ is generally looked down upon as a pejorative term to refer to people who have conditions that impact their height. While for some it is a neutral way to refer to little people, others may think phrases like “midget” are a form of discrimination.

More appropriate expressions of midget dating sites are something like “dwarf dating” or, better yet, ‘little people dating’. This is an important distinction to make and should be on your mind if you are particularly new to dating little people.

Midget dating is a service that caters to people with dwarfism who want to date either other little people or people who have average height. These sites and services provide a platform for both communities to mingle, meet, and more.

These services can be for either serious dating, which means finding a romantic partner who wants to build a life-long relationship with you. There are also sites for more casual encounters where you can hookup with other little people. 

All online dating sites, regardless of whether they are for free dwarf dating or if they require a paid subscription, cater to dating for lesbian and gay dwarfs and to a specific ethnicity if you prefer. You can typically browse profiles in either case. 

Online services do differ a bit from a typical dating agency that may have a building you can go and visit. Generally, they’re faster and easier to set up, and can be done from the comfort of your own home or while you are on the go.  

What can you expect when you begin Dwarf dating? Common concerns when dating little people

Dating someone with dwarfism or some form of extreme shortness caused by something like achondroplasia can introduce you to a world of new experiences, including confronting issues that might be on their mind about dating.

Here are some of the more common concerns that people with dwarfism have about dating, as well as concerns that people with average heights have about it as well. On top of that, we will include some of the perks and benefits to little people dating:

  • Self-confidence and intimacy – many people with dwarfism experience a form of self-doubt about their own attractiveness and this can lead to a fear of intimacy and the mistaken belief that they are undesirable. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many men and women are attracted to people both despite their height, and sometimes because of it.
  • Self-conscious about dating – similar to feelings of lacking self-confidence, many people who date within dwarf communities can feel as if they are subject to judgement from other little people or people who are average height when the partner is average height. However, many people are openminded and welcome these kinds of pairings.
  • Concerns about pregnancy – this can be a major concern for people who maybe both have the condition achondroplasia, wherein there is the risk of babies having something known as double achondroplasia. This means that they get the trait from both parents and it sadly is fatal. Many couples who do have this condition turn to adoption.

Happy little woman in a green dress smiling

However, there are some benefits to little people dating for those who are interested in enjoying it:

  • Commitment and bonding – when you finally do meet someone who sees you for who you are and can open up to you about their own concerns and history, you will have found a partner that connects with you in ways no one else can.
  • Honesty – little people who put themselves out there for dating are more receptive to who you are as a person because of your own willingness to be open with them. This leads to a strong foundation of honesty and can make a relationship healthy for a lifelong romance.

What are the benefits of using professional short people dating services?

If you are interested in dating other small singles or are average height yourself and would like to date someone with dwarfism, then you may have noticed that it can be hard to find a place meet. 

This is where the best little people dating sites come in, and why it is important to use a professional service.

A professional dating site for short people can ensure that your matches not only fit your criteria for dating, whether it is meeting someone with dwarfism or someone with average height, but they can do so safely and amidst an online community that is vibrant and open.

Avoid having to go out looking for that slim chance of meeting someone who really connects with you and is the height you find attractive. These sites ensure a committed matchmaking process that will help you find locals who are a good fit for you and your needs.

They also feature professional chat rooms and safe spaces to ensure that you can comfortably date a little person without fear of discrimination or harassment. 

What to look for when searching for sites to meet singles with dwarfism?

Dating petite singles is much like dating anywhere else online. However, there are some notable exceptions that factor into key features you will find on top-tier dating services and sometimes even free dating sites, often referred to as “midget dating sites.”

These features should be common on any dating service you use, so if you don’t see it, reconsider whether you use it! Unless, of course, you are using something like Tinder and are more interested in a casual hookup. 

First and foremost, look to see whether the little people dating service has an advanced feature for filtering your matches based on height and, if possible, one’s condition that is tied to their dwarfism. This is important for a few reasons.

First, if you are a little person yourself you will get control over whether you match with people your size or whether you date an average sized person. Secondly, if you have achondroplasia, it can be risky to have children with someone who also has this condition.

Another thing you want to keep an eye out for is whether these dating services offer any guidance or help desk on what you can do as a little person to build confidence in yourself for dating, and what you can do on a date. 

Finally, see if they offer an online forum or chat service that facilitates community building between others who are either little themselves or have an interest in being with someone who has dwarfism. 

A place where people can get together and make plans for meetups is important for a healthy service, and can facilitate better opportunities when little people meet in person to form relationships.

Little people dating FAQ

Do you have more questions about dating little men and women? To help begin answering your questions, we’ve responded to some of the most frequently asked questions about dwarf dating:  

Do little people exclusively date other little people?

No, but many do approach advances from taller people with a certain amount of skepticism. This is because people tend to react in one of three ways: they either lose interest and will ghost the person, they may fetishize little people, or they will be fine with it. 
As you can see, two out of three reactions tend toward the negative, which explains why some little people may be cautious when first matching with non-little people. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or that it won’t work. 
In fact, relationships that dwarfs have tend to be 50/50 when it comes to either dating someone who is or isn’t a little person. Many people who are capable of seeing a dwarf for the real person that they are can also see that there is a huge amount of love there, too. 

What is the preferred terminology for referring to little people? 

Although many websites will use phrases like “midget girls” or “midget singles”, and may label themselves as a “free midget dating service” or “midget dating website”, the reality is that the M word here is considered by most to be offensive. 
Medically speaking, the word “midget” is used to describe someone who is of short stature with proportional shortness, usually caused by a hormone imbalance. This is less of an issue today thanks to hormone therapy, but even in the correct context should be avoided. 
Dwarf, on the other hand, is used to describe someone who is of a short stature but also has disproportional shortness. This is typically caused by a genetic disorder. Many prefer the term “dwarf”, as it more accurately reflects them. 
One of the more commonly accepted terms is “little people / person” instead of “Dwarfs”, but there isn’t really a difference. It’s worth noting that most people who prefer “Dwarf” don’t mind little person, but those who prefer little person can get offended if you say “Dwarf.”

Can someone with dwarfism have children? 

Yes, it is possible. There are obviously many little people that still get married, have kids, and so on. Couples who are both dwarfs even have kids, knowing full well that there is a 1 in 4 chance of the child not surviving the first week, if at all. 
There is also the possibility that the child may have dwarfism as well, and this can be a matter that is up to the parents. For some, the idea is too risky, especially with such a high chance of the baby not surviving. For others, though, it is well worth the risk. 

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