Best Granny Dating Sites & Apps for Hookup and Meet Mature Single Grannies in the US, Updated 2024

Meeting grannies in real life can be tricky, because older ladies are usually in a happy marriage or not looking for a new partner for life at all. We’ll help you find plenty of local grannies looking for love online. And remember, beauty knows no age and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Published: February 18, 2021
Updated: August 17, 2023
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Whether you are new to granny dating or are a long-time GILF fan, these dating sites and apps will provide you with the best services to facilitate your needs. We selected the best dating services to find hot grannies near you for casual and long-term relationships. 

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Best Granny Dating Sites and Apps

1. MilfFinder

MilfFinder is a dating site that connects you to MILFs all over the world. Fictional characters are used for entertaining purposes. You can sign up for free, browse member profiles, or adjust your preferences by using simple search filters like gender, age range, and location. 

2. SilverSingles

SilverSingles caters to users who want to date 50+ singles. The service places a high priority on giving its users compatible matches and places a strong emphasis on social values, professional backgrounds, and religious beliefs.

3. eharmony

With over 10 million users and considered the number one dating site in the US, eharmony may be the one for you. The site’s detailed matchmaking questionnaire makes sure you can actually get along with your potential matches. Since the site may be expensive, users are mostly of older age and take dating seriously.

Where else can I meet single grannies?

Based on the lifestyles of this particular demographic, your options for mature dating can seem limited at first. Fortunately, there are a few solid options for casual hookups or serious dating experiences with grannies, including both online and offline. 

Whether you are on android or iOS, if you are one of the many young men who are looking to date a woman with an age gap between the two of you, you’ll need a good dating app that is quick to match you up with single grannies, can be discreet, and is safe to use.

There are more than a few like that, and quite a few which are far from reliable or even safe. Fortunately for you, we have a list of the best granny dating sites. 

Cougar life

cougar life logo

When it comes to leading hookup services with older women, Cougar Life is one of the top dating sites that connects young men with older women. They’ve become popular for their easy-to-use interface and simple Tinder-like swiping, as well as their flexibility for serious dating. 

What makes Cougar Life special is that it can set you up with older women in a variety of ways. That means you can enjoy the romance between you two, a special arrangement that is more long-term, or you can just enjoy one-night stands. 

This is good if you find that your hookups are lacking a little depth with single grannies. The only downside with Cougar Life is that the age range for users includes MILFs and younger women than those who may fit the granny label better. logo

Dating-Granny is more exclusive for younger guys who want to just date older women, and has made headway for its localized dating features and messaging options. They are special amongst the competition for giving you a no-frills service, which many appreciate. 

This is good if you aren’t sure what kind of relationship you want to have with a granny dating site, whether it is just a few granny hookups or a long-term relationship. Of course, the great thing here is that you won’t have to wade through younger women who don’t fit the granny bill. 

On the other hand, the service can feel a little outdated with its user-friendly layout, and there isn’t much to do on the app other than match up and message. 

Adult Friend Finder

granny dating image

Adult Friend Finder, or AFF, is one of the largest hookup and casual dating services in the world, featuring one of the most active and diverse communities in the market of online dating. This includes options for dating based on an age range, and in this case granny dating. 

The special thing here is that there is so much variety in how you use the app and where you want the relationship to go. If you just want a one-night stand, you can hookup with grannies in no time for that. If you want a sugar momma relationship, you can have that too. 

There’s even room for a real romance here. 

The only problem with Adult Friend Finder is that such a large community will mean that you have to sift through matches to meet grannies. However, with such a large user base you are sure to make matches and meet many singles in no time.

Aside from dating services dedicated to helping you meet grannies, you can also take stock of what is around you locally. If you happen to live in a city of some size, you can try to meet older ladies at places where you can drink or even sports and exercise classes. 

You might want to also consider local events, public celebrations, classes for older people if you would prefer dating for romance instead of sex. 

For example, not every older woman will be out looking for someone to hookup with if you opt for a sports class or cultural outing. In this regard, a lounge located near a hotel is optimal, as odds are the older single women are there for the convenience as well. 

On the other hand, someone at a class for older people or a local event may be more interested in a romantic relationship. Consider where you meet them and the circumstances of how you meet to improve your odds of successfully meeting older women for the type of dating you want. 

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What to consider when starting off on granny dating sites

Whether you are on your first date with a granny or have lost count on how many you’ve been on, there are some ground rules to consider as you try granny dating sites. Chief among them is that confidence and respect are key to successful mature dating. 

Confidence is king when flirting on Granny dating sites    

Grannies are confident about their desires, and you should be too if you want to have success with them. In terms of sex, their sexual experiences are greater. Some of your kinky fantasies might come true with your granny hookups.

Bored from past and old sexual partners, mature ladies seek out young and active men to get the feeling of being young and desired again. After all, for many grannies nothing spices up a love life on a granny date more than being with someone young and strapping. 

That said, you should listen carefully to her signals and draw your boundaries where they are needed with confidence.

You don’t have to be shy about your intentions on a granny dating site. Mature women have enough experience to respect and understand your feelings and maybe teach you new tricks. Be open about what you want to ensure you match with like-minded grannies.

Dating an older woman is going to be different than dating younger women. The rules of hooking up have changed a lot in the last 30 years and an older woman might be attached to more traditional ways of dating.

Two kinds of dating sites

On top of how you carry yourself when you meet older women, you should be aware that online dating is broken up into two different areas. This is especially true for the kinds of online dating sites for an old woman who seeks out younger men:

You get the most out of your online dating experience if you register on multiple platforms at once, regardless of what your interest is. With multiple services, you improve your chances while keeping your options open. 

Keep in mind that messaging might cost you credits. This is usually one of the methods of granny sex sites to keep scammers and fake profiles in check. 

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How to know which granny dating site is best to find single grannies

When it comes to granny hookups, or most casual hookups for that matter, your ideal situation is going to be finding granny dating sites that are discreet and safe.  

Ideally, you want a service that specializes in local dating opportunities. It would be nice if there was a feature for selecting a city for when you travel, but it isn’t always necessary.

Often, you can tell whether a granny dating site is worth your time just by looking at user reviews for a service. Even if there are a few bad reviews in there, you should still be able to get a general overview of what you can expect. 

The next thing to do is to try out the services for yourself. Many granny dating sites and apps offer a free dating option for new users before they expand their services via a subscription. Before paying for anything, make sure you enjoy the app and it fits your taste. 

If you feel like there are a good number of real granny users locally around you on the app, and you find it to be discreet, safe, and easy to use, then we would say you’ve found the best cougar dating app or website for meeting grannies and MILFs. 

The differences between free and paid granny dating sites

Now that you have some insight into what to look for on granny dating sites, let’s explore what some of the differences are between a service that is entirely free and a service that offers free registration with basic services but also premium memberships.

A free dating service for meeting grannies is entirely functional and they do exist, but you will be short-changing yourself in the long run. You may even have more difficulty finding a good match with a free site. Time can be a costly thing for someone looking for love.

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Pros and Cons with Granny dating sites and apps

Obviously not every part of online dating is going to be positive, although we certainly feel that using granny dating sites and apps offers more pros than cons. Here is our takeaway on granny dating hookup apps: 

Pros of using a granny dating site

Online dating is advantageous for meeting single grannies. Here are the pros you should think about:

Cons of granny dating sites

For all the positive things about hookup services to meet grannies, there are naturally cons to work through: 

Pros and Cons of Granny hookups

Mature Women are not only desired for their lust and sensuality, they are also wise and calm. They overcome rough events and losses and know which issues are worthy of concern and attention, and what problems are no-brainers.

Older women can be a great source of advice and can have clever solutions ready whenever they are needed. Besides being intense lovers, grannies are good listeners and reliable partners in crime for younger guys.

Whatever you might think you are going through, rest assured that they already were at that point or know someone who lived through what you are going through. They can help you out with their experience. Here are more pros and even a few cons to granny dating: 

Pros of Granny dating:

Cons of Granny dating:

The adult fun you’ll have with older women is unparalleled as they tend to have brilliant humor and incredible comebacks. They are also harder to impress than younger women with less experience and confidence.

Mature grannies are especially tough to impress, so make sure you are on your A-game for your granny dating adventures. 

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Tips for a successful granny dating experience

Here are the things that you should really keep in mind if you want your granny dating to go well: 

Where to go with your senior date

As a rule of thumb, you should always keep in mind that your granny date is older. This means that when you want to go out for a first date with a granny you shouldn’t expect clubbing or any exhausting activities to be what she wants to do. 

Instead, try these ideas out:

Do’s and Don’ts for your first date with an old woman

Once you’ve decided on a place to take her, you of course have to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch to see that you score big. Here are do’s and don’ts to follow if you want the best odds of success with your first time going out on a date with her: 

Do’s for granny dating
Don’ts for granny dating


How should I approach a mature lady offline?

Generally speaking, you want to be direct but respectful, and to let her lead.

If you meet grannies or cougars offline, you should play it cool and approach one you think may be interested in you by offering to buy her a drink or complimenting her. You can see if she might like you by checking her body language and seeing if she makes eye contact.

Don’t be shy with being direct in getting to know if she’s actually interested in a hookup or one-night stand, but don’t rush into it either. Flirt a little and make your move if she reciprocates. Just remember to let her take the lead with where you go and what you do. 

If you are meeting online, you can be a little more upfront about your interest and ask her if she’d like to meet you up. Don’t be afraid to break the ice first if you see an older lady who catches your eye. 

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Texting and Flirting Tips for granny dating

Without the advantage of being able to see her in person and read her body language, texting and flirting online or through messaging requires a little more work, especially if you’re a young man trying to bridge an age gap. To help, here are tips you can follow: 

Difficulties you might face when granny dating

If you are using granny dating sites, meeting people well above your age range can be a tricky thing to do unless you know where to go or have a few local places that are familiar to you. Grannies don’t go out looking for hookups as often as younger women do. 

Additionally, you will have to adjust to the physical ability of your partner. She may not be able to go out and do the things you enjoy, and she may have her own limitations on what she’s capable of in the bedroom. 

You may not enjoy having your drinks or meals paid for, and if the mothering aspect of these kinds of relationships puts you off it may be harder to meet a granny who is looking for something more direct, although not at all impossible. 

There’s also the reality that your age difference may stand out in public places if your relationship goes that far. If either one of you isn’t comfortable with that, it can really put a hamper on where your relationship goes and how far. Consider if this is right for you, then. 

What you can expect from granny hookups

There are many advantages to granny dating, and sex is one of them. With an age difference between the two of you, you can expect dating and sex to be more to the point than if you were with a younger woman. They should also be more refined and mature in how they do it. 

She’ll have a lot of life experience to share with you, so while sex might not be particularly aggressive or vigorous, it will be more enjoyable thanks to tricks she’s learned. Of course, that isn’t always going to be the case, but it’s something to consider. 

Steps and tips on seducing a granny

Whether you want to seduce a MILF who has caught your eye or you’ve caught the eye of a cougar on the prowl, your first time seducing an older woman can be a daunting experience. There are no surefire ways to make this work for you either, which adds to the difficulty. 

Fortunately for you, there are general steps and tips you can follow to put you on the right track toward seducing an older woman.

To begin with, you want to go to where older women tend to unwind or go out looking for a casual hookup themselves. While there are many places to just generally meet mature singles, it’s better to place yourself somewhere which offers the right setting and context. 

These places include bars, lounges, wine clubs, and anywhere that offers people a chance to cut loose and mingle with others. It can also be online dating services that cater specifically to dating older women or hooking up with them. 

Once you’re in the right place, it’s a matter of approaching them. Depending on whether you go online or offline, you can alter your strategy. If online, simply reach out to women who appeal to you. 

If offline, check to see if they are flirting with you, making eye contact, or just generally noticing you. If so, make an effort to catch their attention, either by buying them a drink or going over to chat them up. 

How you do that is up to you and depends on your own strengths, but if you notice any level of sexual tension, consider it a good sign that she’s interested and your efforts to seduce her are working. 

If things go well, either wait for her to take the lead on where the two of you go next or consider casually offering her a solution. However, this does lead us to more general tips to make sure you are successful:

Advantages of enjoying an active sex life with granny hookups

Naturally, older women have certain advantages over younger women when it comes to giving you a fulfilling sexual experience. Not only have they been around the block a few times, but they’re able to take charge and get what they want. 

Experience in the bedroom does correlate with how much you enjoy sex, after all. 

That means that there isn’t any guessing about what she does or doesn’t like, as she’s most likely to just be upfront and tell you. She’s also financially stable and is capable of taking care of you. 

attractive granny blows kiss to her potential date

Granny dating FAQs

It’s normal to have a few questions remaining about how to date grannies who are in the USA. Fortunately for you, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions here: 

What is the best dating site granny dating over 60? 

Silversingles is an excellent option for seniors and people looking to date a granny to fall in love with if you want something for a long-term relationship. However, something like Hot Granny Dating might be better if you want something for hookups. 

Is there a Tinder for 50-year-olds and up?

For anyone who wants a service like Tinder, you can try MatureDates and MilfFinder, both of which excel at quick and easy hookups via dating apps. They also feature granny dating websites that are simple to use for one-night stands. 

What are the best long-term relationship apps for finding grannies?

If you would rather have a serious relationship with a granny, then there are a number of dating services for seniors that we could recommend for long-term romances: 

How should I prepare for my granny dating?

Generally, take into consideration what her needs are and how you can best supply them for her. Don’t be rough with her and don’t rush anything, let her take the lead. You can prepare best by also bringing protection for sex, dressing nicely, and being polite with her. 

What do older women see in younger men?

Older women appreciate the youth and virility that younger men have to offer, including but not limited to their physical good looks. Young men also make older women feel younger and more attractive themselves, which is great for a confidence booster. 

Some older women like to mother young men too, which can include pampering them as they go out or treating them to the finer things in life that they may not be used to. 

Does a mature woman have an increased sex drive?

You can’t universally say that this is the case, but it is often true that older women have an increased libido compared to younger women. This conflicts with older men whose sex drive drops as they get older, and so mature women tend to look toward younger guys for sex.

Can a hookup with a granny turn into a serious relationship?

Yes, of course. It’s not impossible that a hookup of any kind can develop into a long-term relationship. If this is what you are hoping for though, it may be better to use a dating service like eharmony or to start something more serious with a granny.