Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups

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Whether you’re starting out in the dating game, or returning to it after a long absence, trying to find that special someone can be daunting. However, using an online dating or matchmaking service can take the pressure off and make the whole experience a lot easier.

Our recommendations for dating services

Have a look at our top suggestions for dating services:

Most Popular Choice
Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
  • #1 trusted dating app in the US
  • Matching made easy
  • Plenty of success stories
Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
  • Designed to find your significant other
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Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
  • A Safe and Secure Dating Site
  • SilverSingles members know who they're talking to
  •  Location is important of course, but knowing you're a good fit with your matches makes finding 'the one' much, much easier.
Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
Elite Singles
  • >85% with a university degree
  • Thousands of new members per month
  • Great matching algorithm
Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
  • Flirt, chat & meet
  • Open-minded community
  • Big dating pool
Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
Christian Mingle
  • The community is filled with amazing people looking for a long-lasting partnership
  • The app is available for Android and iOS
  • Great Customer Care Team
Best Dating Sites & Apps by Age Groups
  • Find singles in your area
  • View a selection of users who share your values
  • Meet our members in person during our group activities
  • Verifiedd profiles

We’ve put together a selection of guides to help you find love, whether you’re in the first flush of youth or enjoying your golden years.

Young Adults Dating

Searching for love when you’re on the younger end of the spectrum can be difficult. Most dating websites tend to be geared towards singles in their 30s or 40s and there are even online dating sites that are aimed specifically at seniors.

To help you in your search for the perfect match, we’ve researched the best and the most-popular dating sites for young adults. On top of that, we’ve included all the information you’ll need to decide which one’s right for you.

Over 40

Most people believe that, by the time they hit the big 4-0, they’ll probably be in a serious relationship or possibly even married. However, Life sometimes has other plans and you could find yourself back in the dating game.

If you’ve found yourself back in the dating game and don’t know where to begin, check out our lists of dating sites for the over 40s. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve sorted out the pros and cons of each, leaving you free to find love.

Over 50

If you hit 50 and find yourself single, you’ll find everyone’s full of advice. You’ll probably be told to take up a hobby , start exercising or even take a solo holiday. While these words are probably full of good intentions, they don’t remove the fact that looking for a partner can feel intimidating.

Middle age couple smiling to each other

Over 50’s dating sites are superb for those might feel they’ve lost a bit of confidence, where romance is concerned. If this is you, take a look at our informative guides to the best dating sites for the over 50’s.

Over 60

Whether you’re a tech-savvy-senior or a complete Luddite, we’ve put together guides to the best online dating sites and services for the over 60s. Using our guides, you’ll quickly find that online dating doesn’t have to be daunting and that Mr or Mrs Right could be just around the corner.

Dating by age FAQ

To help get you started with your dating with an age range in mind, we first recommend you narrow your search first to an age group that fits your taste. Secondly, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about dating by age to help get you started.

What kind of age gap is acceptable for dating?

Generally, as long as you are both consenting adults then there’s nothing wrong with the two of you dating. Of course, the general rule of thumb is that you don’t necessarily date someone half your age either. However, it’s not unheard of, and truly depends on the comfort of both partners.

Is it harder to date as you get older?

No, not really. The challenges people face at different milestones of aging are different depending on a great deal of factors, not limited to your own preferences, location, mobility, and more. There will always be advantages you have at any age, and these will change as you get older.

Is there an age where it is too late to date for casual sex? What about for marriage?

No, in both cases. You can date for casual sex or marriage at any age and be successful at it. There are a number of services and dating platforms that cater to both kinds of online dating, and you can find a wide variety of singles at many older age ranges who are looking for the same thing you are.