Top Rated vegan and vegetarian dating apps and sites

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Top Rated vegan and vegetarian dating apps and sites
  • make a veggie lifestyle a preference
  • matches you with the one who fits your lifestyle
  • 100% safe
Top Rated vegan and vegetarian dating apps and sites
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Top Rated vegan and vegetarian dating apps and sites
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Looking for different dating sites?

Is healthy eating and a lifestyle that reflects an eco-conscious awareness important to you when looking for a dating partner? Have you had trouble finding an animal-friendly partner who shares your beliefs about an ethical diet? Then you need to try Vegan dating! 

What is vegan dating? Simple! Vegan dating is a niche type of online dating that caters to a community of likeminded vegan singles and gives them a platform to mingle, chat, hook up, and date on. 

On top of vegan dating, there is also vegetarian dating, which is for those who aren’t as strict with their diet and would like to keep their dating preferences open. Both vegan and vegetarian dating offer many kinds of dating sites and apps, giving you an overwhelming number of choices. 

Fortunately for you, Datingroo has gone through the trouble of sorting through the different kinds of Vegan and Vegetarian dating apps and websites for you! We ranked and reviewed the best for you so you can enjoy a herbivore hook-up and those hummus and chill nights without having to worry! 

Read on to learn all about vegan and vegetarian online dating! 

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Why you should try a vegetarian or vegan dating app

Dating someone who is almost a stranger can be a gamble any time, and it’s an obstacle that many people have difficulty navigating. This can especially be the case if there is something that you would rather not compromise on in a partner, such as their diet and lifestyle habits. 

This is where a vegan or vegetarian app or dating site comes in. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you sign up for a service like this: 

  • Date only those who share your tastes – The main benefit of the vegan and vegetarian dating service is that you can exclusively date people who are eating the same things you are and shares your enthusiasm for the vegan lifestyle.
  • Participate in a likeminded community – Not only can you browse for a dating partner on one of these vegan dating services, you can also actively participate in forums, chat rooms, and more. Discuss topics related to veganism with other vegans, make friends, and find a date all at once. 
  • Be flexible with your dating – Although the priority for Vegan dating is that you meet with other vegans, you can of course edit and change your filters to accommodate for an array of different diets. This can range from raw vegans to vegetarians and even to something like pescatarians. Be as openminded with the diet of your partner as you want to be!
  • Engage in progressive activism – Take your belief in veganism a step further by staying up to date on relevant vegan news and movements in your community with the social features of these vegan dating sites. Focus on the news that matters the most to you and get involved with other vegans.
  • Features that include Vegan-centric tips – Not sure what might be a good vegan-friendly dating spot near you? Check out guides and recommendations within the sites’ features and community to get tips for ideal vegan dating spots and avoid any place that might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

These are only some of the perks of using a dating site that focuses on your diet and makes that the core focus. 

What to know about using a Vegan dating site?

First and foremost, a Vegan dating site focuses almost exclusively on giving vegans a platform to date other vegans on. However, this does not mean that you will only find vegans here, but rather a combination of specialty dieters and singles interested in healthy eating.

If, as a vegan, the idea that a lacto vegetarian would also be using the same dating service as you come across as a turn-off, then not to worry! Rest assured that the service is focused on veganism. They just happen to incorporate non-vegans who don’t mind dating someone with a different diet.

However, if you are pretty picky about the kind of eater you are dating, then worry not! Vegan dating gives you control over filtering who shows up for your matches. Raw vegan and only want to date other raw vegans? There’s a filter for that. 

One of the big things to know about a Vegan dating service is that there’s a pretty strong community aspect to the service. You can socialize and even organize larger meetups with members of the community for anything from a meal together to a rally for the better treatment of animals.

What about spiritualism in Vegan or Vegetarian dating?

A large part of the vegan community also participates in non-traditional forms of spirituality and belief. This can translate into a wide array of experiences that overlap with people’s decision to become either a vegan or a vegetarian and can influence their search for a partner. 

This is to say that spiritualism plays a big role in the identity of the online vegan community, even if it isn’t always religious. Plenty of atheists proclaim a sense of spirituality as they live an eco-friendly vegan lifestyle. 

Vegan and vegetarian dating apps and websites include features to help you clarify your beliefs when it comes to this side of your identity, and you can even search for others who match up well with you based on these ideas. To top it off, you can share your beliefs with the community and discuss them.

How to tell which are the best vegan apps and services

So, you have decided to sign up with a Vegan dating service, but now you need to find the best one for you. Where to start? The first thing you should be looking for when you register with a vegan dating app or website is a description of the service and who they specifically are aimed at. 

Some vegan dating services are more inclusive than others and will let you know right away whether it is right for you or not. However, we would recommend going with a vegan dating service that offers its services to as broad of a community as possible, if just to widen your dating pool a bit.

When you have registered, the next thing to check is what kind of community and social features they offer. Whether it is for free members or not can make a difference, but the important thing is to see whether they offer forums, chat rooms, and community interaction at all beyond just dating.

Finally, of course, is the matching service. How accurate is their matching service after you have done a few searches? If you feel like it isn’t quite getting the crowd you were hoping it would, then perhaps move on to a new service until you find one that does. 

Experiment and put yourself out there and you will be enjoying a vibrant, healthy-eating based dating service in no time! 

Vegan and vegetarian dating FAQ

Finding a perfect match can sometimes boil down to finding someone that fits your particular lifestyle, or at least adheres closely enough to it that you both feel like you are compatible with one another. To help you with your vegan and vegetarian dating, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions.

What are the best vegan dating or vegetarian dating sites?

There are a handful of good websites and apps for this kind of niche dating which are exclusive that we would recommend, although we should add that sites and apps like Tinder,, and Bumble can all be effective as well:
Tofu Together
Green Singles

Will dating non-vegans as a vegan work?

It depends on how strict you are as a vegan, and how tolerant you can be of someone else’s eating habits. If the two of you can make peace with your different views on dietary intake, and have enough in common to enjoy being together, then it can certainly work out.
However, it’s also worth noting that it can be a source of stress between couples if one or the other isn’t entirely comfortable with the situation. Make a decision before you start a relationship to avoid future hang-ups.

Where can I meet other vegans?

Aside from the dating websites and apps we’ve mentioned above that are exclusive to vegan dating, like Green Singles and Tofu Together, you can also look into local farmer’s markets, meetups, conventions, and even seminars about better eating. You can even find like-minded vegans at the gym!