RussianCupid Review

Published: July 24, 2021
Updated: August 18, 2023

In this RussianCupid review, we will cover the niche dating site owned by Cupid Media that helps men meet Eastern European and Russian women. We cover the different kinds of memberships, how to register, some of the pros and cons to the service, and an FAQ for using RussianCupid.

The site has over 1.5 million users around the world, which goes to show just how interested people are in dating beautiful women!

Cupid Media has set itself apart as one of the dating market’s leaders in providing users with an optimal niche dating experience. Their success lies in connecting people around the world with niche dating groups based on location, interests, and more.

The site offers a wide variety of cute Russian girls to begin your dating experiences with, and a variety of different tiers of membership to give you plenty of options.

When it comes to dating Russians, our RussianCupid review really does think that RussianCupid is a great choice no matter where you are. If you would like to try alternatives, make sure to check out our Ranking Table, to find out more about legitimate Russian dating sites!

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RussianCupid Review: Overview and who it is for

RussianCupid offers exactly what it promises to users who sign up with the site, giving them access to a plethora of Russian and Eastern European women to begin their dating adventures. Users will find the site accessible and competently run for their convenience.

User profiles are generally well kept up and detailed, giving you all you really need to know about someone before you initiate a conversation with them or reply to a message. Both the app and the website are well-suited for chatting and meeting new women as well.

While it is true that many of the features require a premium account to get the most out of the site, people who do upgrade should find their success increasing dramatically. Prices are also affordable and reasonable for what you get out of the site.

There was a little confusion over what the distinction between ‘Women’ and ‘girls’ was on the site, as these were separate categories. However, women over 40 were listed as girls and those under 20 as women, so it seemed a little confusing.

Otherwise, the website is perfectly suited for helping you to meet a Russian beauty and to start dating. If you aren’t sure about it yet though, read on for more information, or try the free version of the site for yourself to see what we mean!

RussianCupid review of memberships

There are a lot of features that the site has available to you when looking for the right woman of your dreams, and even more when you upgrade to the premium account. But how do the free and premium versions of the site measure up?

Free membership subscription

Gold membership subscription

Platinum membership

Platinum Membership subscription includes all the features that the Gold Membership offers, along with the following:

RussianCupid Review of Prices

RussianCupid has two different tiers of paid subscriptions, each with three different options for how long you would like to subscribe.

Gold Tier

Subscription Monthly priceTotal
1 Month$28.79$28.79
3 Months$16.80$50.41
12 Months$8.40$100.81

Platinum Tier

SubscriptionMonthly priceTotal
1 Month$32.40$32.40
3 Months$19.20$57.61
12 Months$9.60$115.23

Payment Options

Our RussianCupid review found that the service allows the following payment methods for the subscription plans:

Please consider that as of 2019, not all methods are available in each country. To see which payment methods are available in your country, read through their payment page.

RussianCupid review of user demographics

Our RussianCupid review data indicates that most people using RussianCupid are within the 25-40-year-old age range.

Registration process and profile creation

Like many of Cupid Media’s niche dating sites, registering with RussianCupid is a straightforward and easy process that takes no time at all. Here’s how you can join one of the most recognizable Russian dating sites on the web!

  1. Signing up – When you begin the registration process, you will be asked to give your first name, a valid email address, a password to use for the site, and details about your sex, age, and location.
  2. Building your profile – You will now be asked to fill in information about yourself. There are several tabs to choose from to fill in that will help you to better meet Russian men and women. This includes answering questions about your personality and hobbies. In this case, more is more. When you take the time to properly fill in your information and make sure that all the fields have the appropriate amount of detail, you will find that you have better results.
  3. Decide what kind of matches you want – The next big thing you should do to get started is define what kind of Russian men and women you would like to start dating. This includes their basic information, appearance, Russian background, languages, and religious views.
  4. Upload photographs – This is an optional step but having a photo will increase your chances of attracting the Russian men and women you’re looking for. When you submit a photo, you will have to wait for it to be approved. Your pictures will be subject for approval and should be reviewed within 12 hours of your uploading them.
  5. Verify your account – This is optional, but we recommend doing this if you are serious about Russian dating and would like to get the most out of the website. Under ‘Edit Profile’, click on the tab marked ‘Verify Profile’ and follow the instructions to prove you are genuine. You will need to upload a government approved document, such as a driver’s licence or a passport. You don’t have to do this, but your profile will have a ‘Verified’ comment once you do that will let people know you are real.

RussianCupid Review of User-Friendliness

Here’s our overview of both the dating site and dating app:

RussianCupid Review of the dating site

Registration – The registration process at RussianCupid is like many of the other Cupid Media dating sites and is streamlined to give you a user-friendly experience that ensures you will be browsing the site in no time at all.

Navigation – Like Cupid Media’s other dating sites, RussianCupid offers an intuitive design that caters to being minimalist and multifaceted. The site’s navigational system is designed for giving you the most optimized dating experience.

You can use their many features quickly and easily from any page, and the smooth flowing use of the site will make going from messages to profiles and matches a truly seamless experience for meeting the woman or women of your dreams.

Profile – Your own profile and the profiles of others will have a wealth of information that you can add to and access. There is a lot of flexibility to what you can add to your own, and if others have filled their own in you will get to see a lot about the Russians and other women online.

RussianCupid Review of the dating app

The app functions smoothly and is a good alternative to the website if you are on the go. It does operate very similarly, so nothing is much different between the website and the app. There is currently no app for apple products, including iPhones.

Registration – Registration is just as simple as the website.

Navigation – The navigation of the app is a little different from the site, being focused on giving a suitable mobile experience. The app works wonders though and is easy to use. You’ll be meeting cute Russian girls for dating in no time thanks to how well the app functions.

Adjusting profile – You can do this at any time, and it is simple to do. Just click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button at the top of the page.

RussianCupid Review image

RussianCupid Review of pros and cons



RussianCupid Review FAQs

Is RussianCupid safe?

Yes, Russiancupid states in their terms and conditions that all of your private information is never shared with any third-party websites.

Is RussianCupid legit?

Yes. Russiancupid is a member of Cupid Media, a company that specializes in niche dating websites with over 30+ dating sites.

How do I delete a RussianCupid account?

To delete your Russiancupid account, you will need to log in to do the following:

Can I block someone?

Yes, and it is easy to do. All you have to do is go to their profile and click on the block button right below their profile photo.

How can I contact RussianCupid?

You can either send an email to the RussianCupid team at Cupid Media by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also send contact their support team by phone.
Please have the following details ready when you call:
Website name: RussianCupid
Your email address
Calls are answered Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

RussianCupid Review: Company information

RussianCupid is operated by Cupid Media, a leading international niche online dating network since 2000. The company is known for producing both country and gender-based online dating websites.

RussianCupid is catered for Russians and people who want to meet their potential match of Russian and Eastern European girls.

ℹ️ Company information

Russian Cupid is operated by Cupid Media, a leading international niche online dating network since 2000. The company is known for producing both country and gender-based online dating websites.

Russian Cupid is catered for Russians and people who want to meet their potential match of Russian and Eastern European girls.

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