How much does a mail order bride cost?

Finding love with a price tag on it

It can be difficult to find that perfect match for you just on an average day, or even at an event. For some people, the most comfortable and realistic solution to meeting and being with your bride-to-be is to go through a mail order service that connects you with women from abroad.

However, these services are offered at a variety of different costs, ranging from being entirely free to sometimes even costing as much as $50,000! It can be a large financial investment to put yourself into a situation where you browse for a woman who is the perfect fit for you.

To top it off, there can be unexpected costs along the way that further increase the amount of spending you will have to put into a program like this to make it work for you.

In this article, we will cover an approximate range of what you can expect to pay for a mail order bride service to successfully match you with someone, the differences between a free service and one that you pay for, and we’ll discuss the rising costs of marriage. Read on to learn more!

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How much could a mail order bride cost?

When you use an online service for finding and meeting a mail order bride, there are a number of fees to keep in mind so that you can plan accordingly, and also determine if this is the right thing for you. However, keep in mind that you cannot outright buy a bride, as you must first attract one.

That is to say that the process is similar to an online dating service, but with the intention of matching you up with someone who is looking to get married. In all, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to $50,000:

  • Depending on the service you are using, you can pay different fees. With a website, you can pay anywhere from $10 to $400 annually for a subscription. With an agency or marriage broker, the cost can be estimated at around $10,000. Women join free, however.

  • Once you match with someone, you will have to pay for emails and messages to be sent, which can be between $6-$15 per message. Women can send and receive messages for free.

  • You may have to pay for a translation service on top of this, which most services and sites offer. This can vary per message but expect on average an additional $10-$15 per message.

  • Once you match with someone you will have to pay to receive their address, which can cost upwards of $200. Not all services and sites require this payment.

  • Your next fee will be to meet your potential wife. You have two options, although the costs will be approximately the same. You can either travel their on your own and arrange through the company to meet her, or you can book something called a ‘marriage tour’, which is a bus full of single men who travel to Ukraine, Russia, Philippines and more to meet single women in organized events. In either case you can expect to pay approximately $3500.

  • If your adventure is successful and you meet a woman who agrees to be your bride, you will need to purchase an international partner visa. These vary in cost greatly, depending on where you live and where she is coming from, so estimate anywhere between $5000 to $8000.

  • There’s also any health checks you may need for your new wife when she comes over, as well as any health checks for her dependents regardless of whether they come to the USA with her or not. This can be around $300 a go.

  • If your wife will need a translator or language classes, these costs will also need to be factored in. This can be around $300 depending on the service.

  • Finally, before her Visa is approved, you can expect to have her undergo police checks for all of the countries that she has lived in prior to moving in with you. This is roughly another $300.

The differences between free and paid mail order sites

While that might seem like it can cost you an arm and a leg, the truth is that there are cheaper options out there, including free options. But these are also services which may simply be scams, or are just of such a poor reputation that you will want to avoid them anyway.

Here are some of the benefits of what a paid service can offer you to help ensure that, when you ask ‘how successful are mail order marriages?’ you can confidently answer ‘very’:

  • Higher level of security
  • Larger number of active members
  • Fewer to no ads
  • Additional features and services to improve the matchmaking process
  • Higher quality chat rooms and emailing with security to filter out scammers
  • Video and phone calls, as well as sharing cams
  • Possibility of sending flowers and gifts

Rising costs of marriage

While it is true that these online services for mail order brides can be quite expensive, you should remember that marriages in general are becoming more expensive. Not counting the difficulty in simply meeting someone to begin with, there will always be costs to go along with finding a partner.

This also includes costs which aren’t financial: time, stress, patience, and so on. There are a lot of perks to go along with a mail order service that get around these kinds of costs, although there is no guarantee you won’t run into similar taxing experiences online.

In the end, it may be a pricey system to commit yourself to. Nevertheless, if you have the money to do it and lack any other options for meeting someone, mail order matchmaking services can work in your favor.

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