The Best (and Worst) Tinder Openers to Secure a Date in 2023

Published: April 6, 2021
Updated: July 6, 2022
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Tinder has over 100 million users around the world. It’s one of the most popular dating apps in the USA and in Europe. Tinder reinvented how the world approaches dating with its simple and effective swiping method which makes it easy to find matches near you.

One of Tinder’s advantage is that you don’t have to pay for any membership to use it — it is one of the best free dating sites on the market. The fact that you don’t have any pressure and basically nothing to lose makes flirting more relaxed and fun.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest some time and effort into your flirting skills. The opening line is the ice breaker of a conversation and determines your further success with a potential new partner.

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The Best Tinder Opening Lines You Will Ever Read

We collected the best Tinder openers for you — some of them will make you laugh, some will make you blush and some will make you want to respond immediately. The secret is that the best opening lines on Tinder never remain unanswered.

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Tinder Openers for Nerds

Openers for Travel Junkies

Openers for Charmers

Art of woman receiving love messages

Openers for the Brave Ones

Tinder Openers for the Funny Ones

Openers for Foodies

Art of woman sending love messages

Pro Tinder Tips & Hacks to Get More Matches and Dates

A good opening line gives you an advantage over your competitors, but there are many Tinder hacks you can use to make sure you do not spend the night alone:

How to Get More Tinder Matches

How to Write the Best Tinder Openers

Ever wondered how to flirt with over 50’s on Tinder?

Tinder Openers That Get You Instantly Unmatched

Tinder can be a fun way to meet new people and get a date, but not everyone knows how to start a conversation. There are funny, smart and cool Tinder openers, and then there are those who are simply a huge fail.

Those will make get you ghosted before the conversation even really started, even if you thought the template was funny. 

If you are into really weird conversations, there exist a lot of strange and weird dating sites out there which will meet your unconventional needs. But if you decide to flirt on Tinder, you should try to avoid the following very weird pick-up lines:

Art of man looking at messages and profiles on tinder

Trying too hard to be funny

Not Direct but Simply Rude (or Stupid)

Over the Top Instead of Romantic

Art of tinder icons

The First Impression Counts — How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

Don’t even think about starting a conversation with “Hi”, “Hello”, “What’s up” or “How are you”, because you’re bound to get unmatched or simply ignored. These kinds of generic opening lines don’t work because they won’t spark any emotion or connection.

The receiver will think you sent this opener to all your matches, and after all, what we all really want is to feel special.

Making the first move isn’t easy, especially in times where online dating is the new norm and singles are chatting with dozens of potential matches at the same time.

Tinder is the perfect platform for hetero and homosexual singles searching for a new partner. If you are looking for transsexual and transgender Tinder, they recently added some features for trans* and non-binary singles.

Tinder also isn’t so much about long-term and serious relationships, but more about fast-paced dating. Even more reason for you to focus on making the perfect first move.

Starting a conversation is especially difficult for men. A study showed that only 10% of all women reply to the first message. That just means you need to know how to break the ice and make a good first impression.

Everyone loves humor, but there is a thin line between a smooth and funny opener and a simple bad joke. Choose your Tinder opening line carefully depending on the photos and bio of your match — because not everyone likes everything.

As one of the most popular free dating apps in the world, Tinder is definitely one of the best dating apps to test your flirting skills. The simple swiping feature may seem superficial to some, but after matching you really get the chance to show yourself from your best side.

A good Tinder opener does not guarantee a date, but it definitely helps to get the attention of your match. Making someone laugh is the best strategy to get them interested in you and keep the conversation going. Good luck with flirting!

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Tinder pickup lines and conversation starters FAQ

You may think you have the best profile idea out there, but if you find yourself still running into roadblocks or landing bomb after bomb, you might want to consider a new strategy. To help you figure that out, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions. 

How to improve a response rate for getting that first date?

If you are just relying on memes for your hookups, you might find that your success rate is going to plateau pretty fast. While it’s good to throw in some emojis and have a sense of humor, you’re only going to get so far if all you ever do is echo someone else’s creativity. 
Funny tinder openers can be harder to pull off than you think, especially if you’re also trying to land a date while making someone laugh. The best way to do it is unfortunately just to experiment. See what works for you and what you feel comfortable with. 
Eventually you’ll match up with someone who actually does mesh with you, and once you pull that off you’re already well on your way to improved response rates. 

What should I put into my Tinder bio?

Ideally you want to be putting something original and eye-catching into your Tinder profile. The opening message can be one of the most important, as it may be the only thing someone reads. That means that you at best don’t want to just copy-paste other dating profiles.
Going for something humorous is a good option, but the most important thing is that you are creative and can get someone’s attention with your creativity. Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your profile pic is excellent.  

Do Tinder icebreakers work in real life for one night stands?

Yes, they do. Tinder messages have the most importance at the start. A bad or awkward opener works only if you have the right kind of pics to go along with it, meaning you look great. Otherwise, you’ll want to really refine your icebreakers if you want one-night stands.

Is it better to use my own openers or rely on a template from a dating coach?

If it is your first time trying to get attractive women or men to actually respond or even hookup with you, you may want to actually use a template. Just looking at a simple screenshot can help give you a better understanding of what it is you need to be doing.
After that, when you can comfortably follow-up and throw these openers out, mix in your own openers and ideas. It’s okay to start with a template, but you should always be working on developing it to suit your own tastes.