How much does Zoosk Cost?

The Zoosk price options for premium features vary. Your month subscription amount varies according to whether you pay monthly or front up for a 6-month deal.

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Zoosk pricing breakdown

Zoosk cost can vary by almost AU$20 per month. The best monthly deal is the 6-month one. Check out the paid subscription price breakdown below.

Paid Subscription LengthTotal costCost per month
1 month$29.95 every month$29.95 per month
3 monthsSingle payment of $59.95$19.98 per month
6 monthsSingle payment of $74.95$12.49 per month
12 monthsSingle payment of $149.88$12.49 per month

The 6 month and 12 month Zoosk paid plans offer equivalent value for money. The only reason to go for the year-long option is to balance convenience with value for money. Meanwhile the one month option is the least cost-effective, if you want to get the most out of Zoosk.

Be aware that the above paid subscriptions auto-renew once you reach the end of the period.

Zoosk Coins

In addition to the monthly subscription, Zoosk also has a virtual currency called Zoosk Coins. You can use them to buy virtual gifts or to boost your profile. This is very similar to coin packs you buy in mobile app gaming. Here’s what they cost:

Zoosk Coin PacksCost in AU$Rate per coin
180 Coins$19.99$0.11/Coin
480 Coins$39.95$0.08/Coin
1,800 Coins$99.95$0.06/Coin

How to save money on Zoosk?

Something we found out when doing this review is that there’s a one-off activation fee of around There are three main ways to save money and get the most of the paid features on Zoosk. These tips are essential if you want to get chatting and messaging with millions of weekly active Zoosk members.

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