EliteSingles Cost with Price Breakdown in USA 2022 Worth It?

Published: September 12, 2021
Updated: July 18, 2022
elitesingles dating app price

Pricing table

Package Monthly price Total
1 year  – Premium Light $31.95 / month $383.40
6 months – Premium Classic $44.95 / month $269.70
3 months – Premium Comfort $59.95 / month $167.85
EliteSingles Cost with Price Breakdown in USA 2022 Worth It?

The big question for anyone thinking about signing up to this site is how much does Elite Singles cost? While it’s well-known as one of the big-hitters, there are potential users who want to know if they can afford the Elite Singles price bracket.

However, if you’re wondering ‘is Elite Singles free?’, the answer isn’t quite yes or no. Most dating sites, Elite Singles included, offer free trial subscription packages, to give you a flavour of the site, before you upgrade your subscription status.

The difficulty with any free membership is that it tends to be fairly useless. The chances are that you won’t be able to send messages, view other members’ profiles and all the perks and benefits that makes a dating site a dating site.

The long and short of it is that, if you’re serious about finding a match, then the best way to maximise your chances is to opt for membership fees and become a fully paid-up subscriber.

Let’s have a look at what the cost of love is, according to Elite Singles prices, you can also check more features in our Elite Singles review.

Premium Features

Elite Singles offers two levels of membership: Basic and Premium. Basic is designed to give a chance to have a look around, without any of the membership costs.

Just like Premium membership, Basic users have to answer a questionnaire, to determine their personality types. These details are then fed through dedicated matching algorithms to see who you’re ideally suited to.

However, when you’re using free membership, that’s pretty much where the fun stops. While it might look as though the Elite Singles cost in the US is just a money-spinner, paying for the service does bring some side-benefits that might not be immediately obvious.

The moment you bring money into the equation, you say goodbye to the time-wasters, scammers and people who aren’t in it for the right reasons. The Elite Singles cost of membership helps to ensure that the people you connect with are genuine and on the lookout for love.

When it comes to the perks of being a Premium Member, the Elite Singles monthly cost buys some brilliant benefits. For starters, there’s unlimited messages and you’ll be able to see the profile pictures put up by other users.

Next up, you’ll get read-receipts for messages sent, so that you know it’s arrived and when it’s been read. Paid-up members also get to take part in a more detailed questionnaire, which provides greater accuracy in the matchmaking process.

If that wasn’t enough for you, you also get access to the ‘Have You Met’ feature, which’ll match you up with up to 20 additional users, every day. All in all, the cost of love balances out nicely, once you upgrade from Basic Membership.

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How much does Elite Singles cost?

If you’re wondering how much does Elite Singles cost to join, take a look at the table. The important thing to notice is that the Elite Singles cost of membership decreases, the longer your subscription.

Taking out a longer subscription is the best way to save money, as the monthly cost for a three-month package is virtually double the cost of a year’s membership. In addition to keeping the cost down, it also gives you a longer timeframe in which to find your perfect partner.

When it comes to refunds, the bottom line is that you need to cancel your membership within three days of signing-up. You’ll receive all your money back, without having to jump through any unwanted hoops.

Conclusion: is Elite Singles worth it?

Weighing up the Elite Singles pricing members have to pay against the free version of the services, the answer is an easy yes. While going in for nothing might have some appeal as an idea, in practice, it’s a very different experience.

As a basic user, you only have a few options open to you:

As basic packages go, it’s fairly standard and gives you enough to play with to see if you like the way the site works. However, if you’re serious about finding a match, you need a few more tools than this level of membership buys you. When you subscribe to Premium Membership, things level-up.

In addition to the four services offered by the basic version, you’ll also get:

Opting for Premium Membership also gives you the chance to personalise your profile, giving it a more proprietary feel. As a basic user, you can only do as much as that level of membership allows which, in comparison, isn’t a lot.

In short, if you want the best from Elite Singles, then you’re going to have to put your hand in your pocket. The longer the subscription, the cheaper it gets. However, while Elite Singles isn’t one of the most expensive sites out there, what you get for your money puts it up there as one of the best.