Is there a Tinder for Transgenders?

Transmen and women have found an alternative to Tinder with MyTransgenderCupid, enjoying the vibrant community and its dedication to serious Trans-dating relationships. This means that My Transgender Cupid caters to people who are looking for long-term relationships and/or marriage.

A Tinder for transsexuals and transgendered people

This also means that they don’t allow short-term dating or any sort of hook-ups. This translates into the Trans attracted male members of MyTransgenderCupid being genuinely interested in a loving and committed relationship.

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My Transgender Cupid offers a slew of popular features for anyone interested in dating within the trans-community, including swiping and location-based dating filters. You can also communicate with singles over chatrooms, email, video calls and forums.

In this article we will cover some of the advantages offered by My Transgender Cupid, giving you all the more reason to try out trans-dating! We will also explore some similar trans dating apps and the growing presence of transpeople in online dating. Read on to learn more!

The advantages of MyTransgender cupid

Sites like Tinder tend to be lacking in flexibility with how users identify themselves. For example, many popular sites have a limited gender selection system only allows users define themselves as either male, female, or as a couple. Some offer FTM or MTF, and even other, but that can be it.

This is extremely limited for someone who would prefer to identify as trans or something else that is non-binary. It is for this reason and a few others that My Transgender Cupid offers a few advantages for dating over its competition. Here are a few more advantages My Transgender Cupid offers:

The transgenders' flag with purple, blue and white colors
  • Better gender identification – as we mentioned, the flexibility and open-minded approach to progressive gender identification gives members of the LGBTQ+ community means a more welcoming environment to help facilitate successful dating for trans-people.

  • Experience as a dating provider – My Transgender Cupid is a part of the Cupid Media dating network, making it a part of one of the largest dating providers online. This comes with a wealth of experience in connecting people for satisfying, long-term relationships.

  • Safety and security – following the experience of Cupid Media, their expansive network and years of experience have given them full knowledge of how to safely run their dating services to minimize scams and fraudsters looking to take advantage of users.

  • Matching done easily – thanks to their advanced matching algorithms, you can be sure that you will be matched with men and women who are attracted to you for all the right reasons, including your hobbies, beliefs, orientation and identification to name just a few.

  • Loving people interested in true love – all members on the site are absolutely interested in a loving and caring relationship with trans-people of all kinds. With My Transgender Cupid, you have a safe space to find true love in a way that fits you.

Of course, no site is perfect. One of the potential negatives is that not everyone who is interested in dating a trans-person may be using it, what with Tinder being so popular. However, there is still a wide selection of users, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Similar apps for trans-people

My Transgender Cupid isn’t the only app for trans-people to meet and date on. Some of the more popular dating services and apps include the option for trans-people to date. If you wondered if there is a free trans-dating site, then here are some free and paid notable services:

  • Her
  • C-date
  • Zoosk
  • OkCupid
  • iDates

Although these apps are not exclusive to trans-people they do offer excellent services that are sure to more than satisfy your online dating. Additionally, unlike My Transgender Cupid, these sites are not limited to serious dating, so you can enjoy casual experiences as well.

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The growing presence of transpeople in online dating

Why are men attracted to transgender women? Many dating sites have the option of dating transgender/transsexual people. It’s also true that gay dating sites have been used quite frequently by trans-people as they offer a lot of transgender dating possibilities for straight men.

The reason for this is that many men are flexible enough in their sexual orientation to be happy with dating someone who is transgendered or transsexual. It is also true that progressive movements have made it more acceptable to openly date trans-people, leading to a more open online presence.

Online dating sites have taken note of these facts and have been quick to facilitate services that help trans-people to better date. Some sites are better at this than others, but they are all improving and will continue to do so.

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