Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in 2024

Finding a potential partner who is familiar with your ethnic background can make dating new people more manageable and less stressful. People with Asian heritage may notice that meeting others in their area from a similar background can prove challenging. Asian dating platforms are a popular way to meet other Asian singles.

Published: June 13, 2021
Updated: August 17, 2023
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Using Asian dating sites and apps can help introduce you to other Asians in your community. When dating people who share your culture, deciding on a place to eat or picking a date-night activity that both of you will enjoy can be easier. Read on for Asian dating platforms in your area.

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Asian dating recommendations

These are our latest recommendations for the leading Asian dating sites and apps:

Most Popular Choice
Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in [year]
  • One of the top dating giants
  • Meet Asian singles from the US
  • Safe and successful matchmaking
Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in [year]
  • Large database of verified & attractive Asian and European singles
  • Efficient communication and instant messaging 
  • Top-level safety and professional support
Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in [year]
  • Meet real asian, european, and latino singles
  • Real-time communication with efficient tools
  • Professional dating services
Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in [year]
Christian Filipina is perfect for people who are looking for a serious relationship.
  • 24 hrs customer service
  • One on one Romance Consultations.
  • 100% real users.
Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in [year]
Meet and hook-up with neighbors. Search and view specific profiles in your area. Male profiles needed.
  • Free and easy registration.
  • Largest verified database in the US.
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Looking for different dating sites?

Finding the best Asian dating sites or apps can be a challenge for people who want to date specifically within these communities. This is especially true if you love outside of a city that has a large Asian population.

If you’re looking to specifically meet Asian women or men, you’ll find no better place than on a website. It brings together people from an Asiatic background, or those who are just passionate about their culture, to greatly increase your chances of finding a good match.

Niche ‘oriental’ platforms and apps cater to singles looking for everything from friendship and hook-ups to relationships and love. Full of singles looking to find an Asian beauty and dates, it makes it even easier to attract like-minded people and creates a safe platform to meet and make connections.

East-Asia websites aim to bring singles together into one community and connect them with different people from around the world. Many services have millions of active members in their database, who are searching for long-term relationships and friendships.

Here is a collection of the best Asian dating apps and services:

The best Asian Dating sites and apps for singles

asiandating logo is an online dating service operated by Cupid Media, one of the largest and most diverse relationship companies in the world.

They have gained a lot of popularity for their excellent niche dating services and the success they have at connecting Asian singles with people all around the world.

What is so good is that they offer a free way to register, giving you a way to test out the services and see what it is like to start and match with the man or woman of your dreams. You will need to pay for a premium membership to get the best date potential possible, but this is standard for many of these sites.

EastmeetsEast (Eme Hive)

Best Asian Dating Sites & Apps for Chinese, Korean, Thai Singles & Others in [year]

If you are Asian yourself, meaning Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or other, and you want to use an online dating service that helps you connect with other Asians, then EastmeetsEast is the site for you.

It is free to sign up and create a profile, and its popularity amongst Asians around the world makes it a great central hub for meeting singles.

They offer excellent features for chatting and meeting your ideal man or woman to fall in love with. The site is exclusive to Asian singles for dating, so you will have to bear that in mind if you are not Asian yourself and want to fall in love with one.


eHarmony Logo

Eharmony is one of the largest online dating services in the United States, offering a popular service that has been many a positive review from happy singles. Their offer for a free registration means many people from all walks of life sign up.

The great thing about EHarmony is their advanced filtering features and matching algorithms, ensuring that you meet the kind of date you want to. You of course will need to upgrade your membership to a premium service to get everything out of EHarmony that they have to offer.

Additionally, the site caters to a wide range of members, but if you filter your searches you will still be able to meet Asian singles.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles Logo

If you are looking for an online dating app that will match you up with other career-oriented Asian singles, then look no further than Elite Singles.

This popular dating service connects singles who are successful and have focused on their work with others who have done the same.

When you review the description of the site, you will see that it is also open to people who are looking to fall in love with a partner that shares their same kind of dedication and work habits.

This is good for many singles because it is just a fact of life that you cannot give up work to fall in love with someone. This is another dating service that does not focus on just Asian dating, but you can filter your matches to meet Asian singles if this is what you prefer.


AsianFriendfinder Logo

If you are looking for romance with Asian Americans or Asians abroad, then Asianfriendfinder is the dating site for you. Thanks to their widespread membership, you can meet Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and more for fun dating.

The good thing about this site is their flexibility with dating intent, meaning you can either be looking for a fun relationship, or a romance that ends with you meeting a bride or husband of your dreams. They even offer gay Asian dating and lesbian Asian dating.

You will need to upgrade your membership to get access to all of their matching features, but this is well worth it.

What to look for in an Asian dating app and site

The first thing you should be looking for in Asian dating sites is the variety of search filters they provide you. There are a large number of East-Asian countries and some people may have a specific nationality they want to date in, so these filters can help a lot.

You also need to read any review of the website you sign up for that you can, to ensure you have a safe and successful experience. If you can see each members profile and evaluate their quality, that is also a good indicator that the site is worth using.

Finally, check to see what kind of features they offer to help you meet new members. Some offer simple services like just chatting or messaging, and others let you swipe on their app or play games with other members.

Asian girl excited for asian dating sites

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How to make your Asian dating experiences a success

The best way to make your Asian dating experience a success is to start off by avoiding generalities. This means that you should make an effort to not make assumptions or base your ideas on stereotypes.

The term ‘Asian’ is actually very broad and includes people from different ethnic minorities and cultural backgrounds. If this is the first time you’re dating someone from a different culture to your own, you’ll need to take the time to learn about your date’s background.

You should also be open about beliefs. There are a range of religions practiced in Asia, including Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu. If your potential date is from a different religious background to you, it’s best to be open, accepting and to ask lots of questions.

Being honest about beliefs and intentions from the offset is a must when you start to get serious about the person you’re dating.

The usual tips for online dating also apply: make sure that you use a good picture that shows off your best assets, and take the time to fill out all the information available in the profile so prospective singles have a better chance of matching with you.

Finally, remember that family is important. For many Asian singles, family is likely to become an extremely important part of your life as you date. Even early on in a relationship, it’s good to talk about long-term plans and expectations.

Asian Americans across the United States have been turning to online dating services as a way to find romance more often than ever before. Thanks to the rise of social media giants like Facebook, using online services to meet people has become more acceptable.

Online dating sites like EHarmony,, and EastmeetsEast help people from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and even parts of Russia meet singles all around the world. Someone in the Ukraine, Australia, or Canada / USA can now meet the Asian love of their life!

These services cater to users on the go as well, offering excellent mobile apps to help you fall in love with the person of your dreams as you focus on a busy life-schedule.

Whether you are Asian looking for another Asian single or are non-Asian and want to embrace multiculturalism as a dater, there are plenty of Asian online dating services available for you.

Asian dating FAQ

Asia is a wide and diverse area of the world comprised of many cultures and dating conventions. Knowing where to start can take a while, but to help you get the best beginning possible we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Are Asian dating sites for marriage only?

They aren’t exclusively just for serious relationships that are intended to be long-term. You can actually use them for casual dating services if you would prefer. With that said, these aren’t really the norm, so be ready for committed relationships over hookups.

Do I need to know an Asian language to use these services?

It would certainly help and you may need to pick it up as you date, but you don’t actually need to know another language before you start to date. Many services offer translation assistance if you need it, sometimes for free and sometimes at a price.
Generally though, we would recommend at least trying to learn a language if you are intent on dating someone with an Asian background.

What are the best Asian dating services to use?

We recommend EastMeetsEast, AsianDating, and AsianCupid for reliable dating services. You can also use larger dating platforms like eHarmony, Match, and OkCupid for a wider variety of dating options. Just make sure you turn on the appropriate filters to find the right matches.