Dating Seasons (2024)

Published: December 5, 2022
Updated: February 6, 2023
dating seasons

While dating is a year-round experience, paying attention to your habits and needs according to your dating seasons may impact the way you date. You may notice, for example, that during some dating seasons, you’re looking for a casual relationship, while during others you may want something more serious.

On top of your own seasonal dating goals, some times of the year are better for swiping on dating apps than others, and being aware of that can help you find a special someone to cuddle with during cuffing season or spend New Year’s with.

Joining dating apps on Dating Sunday—the first Sunday of the New Year—can give you plenty of opportunities to find a day for the fast-approaching Valentine’s Day. While dating during winter is all about staying in place and cozying up, dating during the summertime might include some traveling, which requires a different approach to online dating.

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