Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles

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With almost 9 million people in New York City, you have excellent chances of meeting someone. Of course, it helps to know what to expect with dating in NYC.

Where can you meet other singles? What are the best dating apps and websites for dating in New York City? Read on to learn everything you’re dying to know about what dating in New York City is like. 

Dating in NYC: How Do I Start Dating in New York City? 

Entering the dating scene in New York City is much like any other major metropolitan city. You have many options available, from a modern approach with dating apps and websites to the classic bar and nightclub scene.

Best Dating Apps in NYC 

Many dating apps connect you with available singles in New York City. Choosing the best app is key to find potential dates with the qualities you desire in a partner.

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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
Christian Mingle
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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If you are looking for a great app for dating, then you should have a look at the eharmony app. This app has advanced search features to help you get great matches from the get-go.


With lots of users and convenient video chat features, not only is Zoosk one of the best apps – lots of fun too. Zoosk features a quick sign-up process as well as multiple ways to get matches with Smart Picks and Carousel features to spice up the online dating experience.


Most dating apps let you filter matches by age. However, the best app for 50+ singles is SilverSingles. Thoughtful design, convenient features, and the possibility for great matches are all things we noticed when testing out SilverSingles.

brooklyn bridge is great for dating in nyc

Best Dating Websites in NYC

These sites are great for finding potential long-term relationships instead of random hook-ups. They use your dating profile to match you with other singles who share your interests, ideas, and values.

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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
Elite Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
Christian Mingle
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Dating in NYC: Meet New York Singles
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This site is all about helping you to “date smarter, not harder” through a powerful personality matching feature. EliteSingles deserves to be called one of the best dating services for Miami singles. Each match you see on EliteSingles has a compatibility score, in addition to a well-designed layout.

Christian Mingle

Another site to consider is Christian Mingle. This one may not be for everyone, but it meets the faith-based needs and dating goals of Christians in Miami.


For Jewish singles, JDate brings together the convenience of all the best dating service features with a focus on appropriate matches. By signing up for JDate, you also get the possibility of attending online and offline singles events.

Bars and Nightclubs 

If you want to bump into your future partner the old-fashioned way, it’s best to start with bars and nightclubs that set the scene. Look for dimly lit, small, and loud spots packed with people. These include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

Where Do Singles in New York City Meet?

These aren’t the only options for meeting that special someone. From coffee shops to comedy clubs, there’s ample opportunity to meet other singles.

Events for Singles in NYC

There are thousands of possibilities for events singles dating in NYC. Singles parties and mixers bring together New York City’s most eligible singles. You can find calendars of events on Meetup and Eventbrite, but some of the popular options include:

  • Holiday singles parties – including the dreaded Valentine’s Day
  • Themed parties at Aqua Bar & Lounge
  • Karaoke nights at Kavasultra

Don’t forget to check out the festival scene. For example, if you’re into coffee and seek somebody who shares your passion, then check out the Coffee and Tea Festival. 

Speed Dating Events in NYC

You can also use Eventbrite to locate speed dating events if that is your kind of thing. Several places hold regular events, including:

  • All Stars Bar and Grill
  • Flute Champagne Bar
  • The Hideaway Seaport

Speed dating is all about forming quick connections and weeding out the no-gos. Many of these events have themes, like young professionals, single parents, or specific age ranges. 

times square is iconic for dating in nyc

Why Is Dating in NYC Hard?

Let’s face it, dating anywhere is hard. So often, especially with online dating, the person on the profile doesn’t match up with the one you meet face-to-face. 

One of the most challenging problems with dating in New York City comes from the sheer size and number of choices. Living in different boroughs is almost as bad as living in separate states. Lengthy commutes can pull the plug on even the most promising options.

Plus, the FOMO issue is big in New York. When you have so many options, it’s easy to wonder if you’re missing out on something better. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about that little thing called ambition. If you live in NYC, there’s a good chance that you’re dedicated to a career that requires a serious level of commitment. Finding time in your busy schedule that meshes with time in somebody else’s crazy life is beyond challenging.

Tips for Dating in NYC

  • Try not to stray too far from your usual circle. Host a dinner party with coworkers where everyone brings somebody (or multiple singles), for instance.
  • On a similar note, it’s much easier to date someone in New York who frequents similar spots as you, be it for work or a hobby.
  • If you go the bar and nightclub route, stick with sites close to your home to give relationships a chance without the intense commute. 
  • Lower your expectations for meet-cute moments.
  • Be mindful that career goals can take priority over dating.
  • If you want to see someone again and they say they are busy, give them a few chances – they are probably telling the truth. However, beware of the ghosting culture in New York. It’s unfortunately quite common, as people with FOMO search for the next best thing.

Final thoughts on dating in NYC

Are you looking for more opportunities to learn about dating and finding the right match? Visit us and browse dating sites by the category that fits you best.