OkCupid vs eharmony comparison: Best dating app in 2024

Published: June 20, 2022
Updated: August 18, 2023
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Selecting the right dating app makes a big difference when it comes to finding a great partner online. OkCupid and eharmony both offer dating app versions of their services to iPhone and Android users. Find out what their strengths and weaknesses are in terms of features and pricing. This will help you pick the best app.

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Picking the right dating app: OkCupid vs eharmony 

The dating apps on our phones reveal a lot about our expectations around relationships. That is why using a dating app that meets your needs increases your chances of finding someone compatible.

The dating apps we use are deeply personal choices, like our favorite ice cream flavor. Getting to know the different options can only help make dating easier.

These are some of the leading dating apps in the match-making market. Sign-up today for free:

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OkCupid vs eharmony comparison: Best dating app in [year]
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OkCupid vs eharmony comparison: Best dating app in [year]
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OkCupid vs eharmony comparison: Best dating app in [year]
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OkCupid vs eharmony comparison: Best dating app in [year]
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OkCupid vs eharmony comparison: Best dating app in [year]
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Online dating app recommendations

Before you pick your favorite, be sure to have a look at our dating app recommendations


OkCupid vs eharmony: the differences 

These are the key differences between OkCupid and eharmony.

Who is it for?Singles looking for a variety of relationship options, inclusive features, and diversity.Singles looking for serious dating and even marriage.
Registration detailFun registration with lots of situational/hypothetical questions that are great conversation starters.In-depth registration process focussed on building a compatibility profile. SMS profile verification.
Memberships and profilesMillions of users with detailed profiles which can help break the ice when chatting.10 million users have profiles on eharmony. Each offers compatibility insights when you pay for eharmony.
Paid optionsFree service includes messaging. Paid subscription adds more perks to improve experience but isn’t essential.Sign up is free but most features like messaging or viewing photos require paid membership.
ProsMessaging and all main features are free. Inclusive-sign up options. Search and filtering features. Detailed profiles.Advanced matchmaking technology means you get curated profiles based on compatibility.
ConsLong profiles can make it slower to browse.It’s more expensive than competitors. Free accounts have very limited features.

How is OkCupid better than eharmony?

OkCupid is more flexible than eharmony. This starts with the sign-up and profile creation process where a fun questionnaire helps users fill out their profile. The personality questions are an ongoing feature which helps OkCupid get a better idea of compatibility.

Additionally, these questions and answers also give opportunities for users to have something concrete and manageable to start talking about when they match. Another area where you may find OkCupid is doing a better job is with the choice of genders and preferences to choose from. OkCupid offers far more choices than eharmony.

okcupid vs eharmony app screenshot

OkCupid, unlike eharmony, also gives users fully-featured search and filtering settings to tailor how they browse through profiles.

OkCupid key points

These are some important things to know about OkCupid:

How is eharmony better than OkCupid?

Unlike OkCupid, eharmony is solely focussed on serious dating and compatibility matchmaking. Your experience on eharmony is mainly determined by compatibility as opposed to just entertaining questions and tidbits on profiles.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, then eharmony is the best option as long as you are willing to spend money on a paid membership. Your experience on eharmony starts with a dating personality quiz. This is an opportunity to reflect on your relationship goals and the sort of person you want to be with. 

okcupid vs eharmony apps compared

The approach eharmony takes is refreshing when compared to the gamified approach of other dating apps. Since eharmony’s matchmaking technology does the hard work when it comes to finding compatible profiles, the rest of the app is user-friendly in terms of design and layout.

When you look at someone’s profile on eharmony, you will have a compatibility score embedded on the top left corner of their profile picture. Another dating app that does this is EliteSingles. However, what is breathtaking is the detail that eharmony provides when it comes to compatibility insights. 

On eharmony, you can do a deep-dive and see what areas you have in common and where you differ. This includes core values and traits like communication, lifestyle, and emotional intelligence. This means that even before you start chatting with your match, you have gained a deeper understanding of who they are, and not just what their fave show is on Netflix.

Did you know?

Which dating app is cheaper: OkCupid vs eharmony

OkCupid is cheaper than eharmony when comparing both OkCupid Basic and Premium against eharmony pricing. Let’s take a closer look at OkCupid vs eharmony current pricing.

OkCupid vs eharmony price comparison

Compare the prices for economy and premium tiers for both companies below.

eharmony paid planOkCupid Basic Paid PlanOkCupid Premium Plan
1-month optionn/a$29.99 per month$39.99 per month
3-month optionn/a$19.99 per month$26.66 per month
6-month option$65.90 per month$14.99 per month$19.99 per month
12-month option$45.90 per monthn/an/a
24-month option$35.90 per monthn/an/a

*Pricing provided for illustrative purposes based on available information at the time of writing.

OkCupid is cheaper than eharmony pretty much across the board. The only time when eharmony is cheaper than OkCupid is when you compare the price between OkCupid Premium 1-month and the monthly price for the 24-month eharmony subscription. 

It’s worth noting that this comparison is not fair, since a month to month subscription will always be more expensive than a longer subscription. When you compare the 6-month subscription duration between OkCupid vs eharmony, OkCupid is less than half the price.

Did you know?

Both OkCupid and eharmony have seasonal discounts and exclusive promotions. The best way to see what the best deals are is to sign-up to both dating apps for free. You can do so through the pink buttons on this page.

Feature comparison: OkCupid vs eharmony

OkCupid vs eharmony bring different approaches to their dating app services. Let’s take a closer look at what each one offers to its free and premium users.

OkCupid features: free vs paid options

Here is a full breakdown of OkCupid’s features across its free and paid tiers.

Free MembershipBasic MembershipPremium Membership
✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation✅ Profile creation
✅ Unlimited messaging✅ Unlimited messaging✅ Unlimited messaging
✅ Browse all profiles✅ Browse all profiles✅ Browse all profiles
✅ No external ads✅ No external ads
✅ Unlimited likes✅ Unlimited likes
✅ Unlock all intro messages✅ Unlock all intro messages
✅ Set dealbreakers✅ Set dealbreakers
✅ See everyone who has liked your profile
✅ See public answers from a profile before you answer them

If you go for the basic paid membership, you do get some valuable benefits like unlimited likes and “dealbreakers” (matching requirements). This can help you match faster and with people who better fit your criteria.

OkCupid Basic gives you the best value for money. The more expensive premium option lets you see who has liked your profile as well as other people’s answers before answering questions. These are nice to have but not an absolute necessity.

eharmony features: free vs paid options

Check out all the eharmony features and compare the free and paid versions side by side.

eharmony free featureseharmony paid features
✅ Create a profile✅ Create a profile
✅ Unlimited matches✅ Unlimited matches
✅ Send Smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings✅ Send Smiles, Icebreakers, and Greetings
✅ Limited messaging✅ Unlimited messaging
✅ Video Date chat feature
✅ View unlimited photos
✅ See who has visited you
✅ Access to distance search filter
✅ Detailed personality profile results

Compared to OkCupid, eharmony keeps things simple with only one paid tier. It’s clear that to get the most out of eharmony you need to pay for the service. 

The free version lets you create a profile and send reactions to other users but beyond that communication is heavily limited to occasional promotional weekends where sending messages is free. 

To have meaningful conversations with your eharmony matches a paid account is required. When you pay for eharmony, you also get access to video chat features as well as the ability to see who has viewed your profile.

Which dating app is better for you? OkCupid vs eharmony

Take a look at what each dating app does well and where they could improve.

OkCupid pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of OkCupid.

✅ Key features unlocked for free users.❌ Less focused on serious relationships
✅ OkCupid Basic paid plan is good value for money.❌  Some users may find sign-up and profile creation tedious
✅ 4.2 out of 5 App Store review score.

eharmony pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of the eharmony dating app.

✅ Advanced matchmaking technology.❌ Expensive when compared with OkCupid
✅ User base is primarily looking for serious relationships. ❌ 3.9 out of 5 score on Australian Apple App Store.
✅ Clear layout and app design.

OkCupid vs eharmony: Final thoughts

When comparing eharmony and OkCupid, both dating apps have a lot going for them. They are both established dating brands with a lot of users across the country. However, they approach online dating differently.

OkCupid is more flexible while eharmony focuses on traditional long-term relationships. eharmony does all the legwork when it comes to selecting the most compatible profiles for a user. This is thanks to its advanced matchmaking technology that focuses on compatibility. OkCupid leaves the searching largely up to the user.

If you are unsure of whether you want to sort through profiles on OkCupid or trust eharmony to find the right person, we recommend initially signing up for OkCupid for free before signing up for the eharmony paid option.

OkCupid vs eharmony FAQ

You can find answers to common OkCupid vs eharmony questions below.

Is eharmony better than OkCupid?

Eharmony is better than OkCupid if you are only looking for a committed relationship or marriage. If you’re looking for a more casual or flexible online dating experience, then OkCupid is a better fit.

Is OkCupid legit?

OkCupid is definitely legit and established. The company has been around for many years and is now part of Match Group, one of the largest companies in online dating. OkCupid has robust online security policies and a customer support team to respond to user needs.

Which dating app will help me get married, eharmony or OkCupid?

Eharmony is potentially more likely to help you tie the knot because of its focus on traditional relationships. That doesn’t mean you can’t find the love of your life on OkCupid as long as you’re up front about what you’re looking for. However, you may come across people who don’t share your relationship goals.