Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk Compared: Best Dating App in 2024

Published: June 20, 2022
Updated: August 18, 2023
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Finding the right app can improve your chances of meeting the right person. Plenty Of Fish, or POF for short, and Zoosk are popular dating apps. Find out which one is most suited to your relationship and dating needs and see how they compare below.

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Picking the right dating app: Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk

The right dating app will be the one that most closely matches your intimacy and relationship preferences. Dating apps are a bit like snacks, everyone has a favourite. That could well be Plenty Of Fish, Zoosk, or something completely different.

Online dating app recommendations

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Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk Compared: Best Dating App in [year]
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Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk Compared: Best Dating App in [year]
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Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk Compared: Best Dating App in [year]
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Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk Compared: Best Dating App in [year]
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Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk Compared: Best Dating App in [year]
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Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk: where are they different? 

Here are the most important differences and similarities between Plenty Of Fish and Zoosk.

Plenty Of FishZoosk
Who is it for?Singles looking for both casual and serious dating.Singles looking for either serious relationships or casual flirting.
Registration detailsFast registration process, lets you add details later.Fast sign-up, needs only basic information to access the site.
Memberships and profilesPlenty Of Fish has 150 million members. Profile quality varies.Estimated 40+ million members worldwide. Many profiles aren’t detailed.
Premium ServiceMain features are available for free, including messaging. Paid options add perks to base features.Free service available, one subscription plan with different lengths, and coins for additional features.
ProsFreedom to pick from a variety of users with filtering options. You can message for free.Flexible features for long-term dating or for casual flirting and hookups. A fun approach to a dating app with new features like video chat.
ConsSome profiles are misleading or fraudulent.You have to pay for unlimited messaging after the trial period.

There are a lot of similarities between Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk. Let’s have a look at what the strengths of each dating app are.

How is Plenty Of Fish better than Zoosk?

Plenty Of Fish is more customisable than Zoosk when browsing through profiles. You can search for potential matches with powerful options. Plenty Of Fish has robust filtering options so you can be as picky or as broad as you want to be in your searches. 

Just like its brand name suggests, there are plenty of fish in the sea, POF’s approach to dating is all about having lots of options. There are different ways to meet people and no one way to use Plenty Of Fish successfully. Thanks to its flexible features, you make POF what you want it to be.

plenty of fish vs zoosk app screenshot

Plenty Of Fish is great if you are looking for a feature-rich dating app. If you like to be proactive when looking for someone to date, then POF is the choice for you.

Did you know?

Plenty Of Fish has an app for iPhone and Android as well as one specially designed for iPad. The larger screen on the iPad makes it more convenient to browse through profiles with ease.

How is Zoosk better than Plenty Of Fish?

Zoosk is better than Plenty Of Fish because it is more fun to use. The dating app takes a gamification approach that aims to make online dating less stressful. Zoosk’s layout will be familiar to anyone who has used social media sites before.

Unlike Plenty Of Fish, Zoosk isn’t designed around answering a lot of detailed questions to build a compatibility profile. To find compatible matches, Zoosk will only ask you a few basic questions when you use the Smart Picks feature, which is optional.

plenty of fish vs zoosk feature screenshots

With Zoosk, you have the best of both online dating approaches—browsing and swiping. You can see multiple profiles at a glance on the main screen or, alternatively, you have Carousel mode, which lets you swipe through profiles like you would on Tinder or Bumble.

Free features: Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk

Compare the features you have access to as a free user on Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk.

Plenty Of Fish free featuresZoosk free features
✅ Create a dating profile with 8 photos✅ Create a full dating profile
✅ View main profile✅ Access the Carousel
✅ Send and receive messages✅ Send smiles and hearts
✅ Watch POF Live! video streams✅ Watch Zoosk video streams

Zoosk seems to give you better free features by letting you create a full profile and access the Carousel. However, it’s Plenty Of Fish that gives users unlimited messaging for free. Zoosk only lets you react with smiles and hearts once the promotional trial period is over.

Compare the paid features you get on Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk.

Paid subscriptions

Below you can see what Plenty Of Fish and Zoosk offer to its paying subscribers. For full pricing details on subscription options for both apps, check the next section.

Plenty Of Fish paid subscription featuresZoosk paid subscription features
✅ Add up to 16 photos to your profile✅ Send messages
✅ View a user’s extended profile✅ See who likes you
✅ No ads✅ Chat with your SmartPicks
✅ Read receipts
✅ “Triple your views” monthly boost
✅ Your profile shows up in top search results
✅ See when someone views your profile
✅ Priority access to Meet Me feature

The contrast is clear between Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk when it comes to paid subscriber features. POF offers far more perks than Zoosk.

In-app purchases

On top of the paid subscriptions, both dating apps also offer temporary boosts and virtual items, which you can acquire by using internal coins and tokens. This “currency” only works in the app where it was bought and can’t be used outside of it. 

Coins and tokens are sold in packs. Their pricing changes regularly because Zoosk and Plenty Of Fish offer limited promotions and discounts quite often. Additionally, there are opportunities to earn internal “currency” by completing tasks in the app. These free coins get added to your app wallet and have the same value.

Let’s compare what coin/token packs are used for in Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk. 

Plenty Of Fish in-app boosts and itemsZoosk in-app boosts and items
✅ Boosting your profile so more people see it✅ Boosting your profile so more people see it
✅Super Yes lets you tell someone you really like them✅ Unlocking Carousel matches
✅ Your messages go to the top of other user inboxes✅ Virtual gifts
✅ Read receipts boost for paying subscribers

Both Zoosk and Plenty Of Fish give your profile more views if you buy and spend in-app currency on temporary boosts. Plenty Of Fish additionally lets you highlight your likes and send priority messages in exchange for tokens in your wallet.

Zoosk Coins allow you to buy virtual gifts, see who has matched with you on the Tinder-like Carousel feature, and get read receipts for messages you’ve sent. It’s worth noting that POF makes read receipts part of its regular paid subscription. On Zoosk, read receipts cost extra (on top of the paid subscription).

Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk price comparison

Plenty Of Fish and Zoosk have simple subscription pricing options. There is only one paid tier for each dating app but each app packages its premium features into different subscription durations.

Premium subscriptions

Let’s compare Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk monthly pricing side by side.

Plenty Of FishZoosk 
1 monthn/a$34.95 per month
3 months$18.33 per month$24.95 per month
6 months$12.08 per month$14.95 per month
12 months$9.64 per month$14.95 per month

*Pricing provided for illustrative purposes based on available information at the time of writing.

Both Zoosk and Plenty Of Fish require you to pay for the total package amount in advance. This means that you commit to subscribing for the full length of the premium package. Let’s compare the total package prices below.

Plenty Of Fish total costZoosk total cost
1 monthn/a$34.95
3 months$55.00$74.85
6 months$72.48$89.70
12 months$115.68$179.40

*Pricing provided for illustrative purposes based on available information at the time of writing.

Plenty Of Fish is noticeably cheaper than Zoosk when it comes to paid subscriptions. When looking at pricing vs features, Plenty Of Fish offers better value for money. However, if you’re only planning to be on a dating app for a short period of time, Zoosk offers a single month subscription while POF’s shortest plan is for 3 months.

Which dating app is better for you? POF vs Zoosk

Take a look at what each dating app has going for it as well as areas where they could be better.

Plenty Of Fish pros and cons

These are the benefits and drawbacks of using the Plenty Of Fish dating app.

✅ Key features like messaging unlocked for free users❌ Profiles are of varying quality
✅ Affordable paid upgrade❌ Users have to sort through profiles to find a good match
✅ 4.2 out of 5 App Store review score

Zoosk pros and cons

These are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Zoosk dating app.

✅ Streamlined and convenient free sign-up process❌ Messaging isn’t free after the trial period
✅ Special features like Zoosk Carousel and Smart Picks❌ Virtual gifts and Zoosk Coin offers can be confusing to understand
✅ Familiar, user-friendly dating site and app design

Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk: final thoughts

Both POF and Zoosk are good options for meeting someone online. Which one you choose depends on whether you like a more gamified dating app approach. If you do, then Zoosk is a better option. If you want to focus more on finding compatible profiles, then Plenty Of Fish is better suited to your needs.

Both dating apps have everything you need to view profiles and match with people, but only Plenty Of Fish offers completely free messaging. If you’re undecided, why not try both?

Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk FAQ

You can find answers to common questions below.

Is Plenty Of Fish better than Zoosk?

Plenty Of Fish is better than Zoosk if you don’t want to pay for messaging. If you don’t mind paying, then Zoosk offers a more streamlined dating app experience.

Is Zoosk legit?

Zoosk is definitely a legitimate dating app. The dating service has been around for many years and is backed by serious investors. Zoosk has robust online security policies to make sure user profiles are valid.

Which dating app will help me get married, POF or Zoosk?

Both apps will help you get married, but Plenty Of Fish is more likely to help you tie the knot because of its focus on deeper search features. That doesn’t mean you can’t find the love of your life on Zoosk. Anecdotal evidence shows that many married couples have met on Zoosk too.

Which is cheaper: Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk?

Plenty Of Fish is cheaper than Zoosk. While both are reasonably priced,only Plenty Of Fish offers all the basic features you need for free online dating.