Learn about the Best Vietnamese Dating Apps and Dating Tips: Updated 2024

Published: October 13, 2022
Updated: November 17, 2022
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The Vietnamese dating culture is changing rapidly as modern forms of dating, such as international or Vietnamese dating apps, are becoming more common. Nevertheless, it can be a good idea to familiarize yourself with both the traditional and modern Vietnamese dating cultures.  

Read on to learn all about the dating culture in Vietnam, what you can expect when dating a Vietnamese person, and what are the best Vietnamese dating apps and sites you can use.

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Vietnamese dating apps and sites

The first step to cultivating your next Vietnamese relationship is to join one of the best Vietnamese dating apps and sites. Try out our suggestions below.

1. AsiaMe

AsiaMe is an exclusive dating service designed to help members connect with Asian singles. It’s one of the best Vietnamese dating apps for non-Asians since it features a translation tool to help maintain conversations.

2. AsianDating

Asiandating.com is an online dating service operated by Cupid Media, one of the largest and most diverse relationship companies in the world. Its popularity makes it a great choice for Vietnamese dating apps.

3. DateYourGirl

If you’re looking to date Asians in the United States or abroad, DateYourGirl is a great option for Vietnamese dating apps. The site features people from many cultural backgrounds, allowing for more opportunities to meet Vietnamese people.

Disclaimer: This article in no way aims to perpetuate stereotypes or prejudices towards those from a specific culture. Use this guide for general insights into the Vietnamese dating culture, while keeping in mind that not all Vietnamese follow the same attitudes or behaviors.

Understanding the Vietnamese dating culture

The family commonly plays an important role in Vietnamese society, and single Vietnamese women often live with their families until they marry. This also explains why parental approval can be important in Vietnamese culture, and parents may be invited to the first date. 

Many Vietnamese singles who go on dates are looking for a long-term partner with the prospect of marriage, even if they’ve met you on a Vietnamese dating app. If you end up winning a single Vietnamese person over, you may have a lifelong companion and a beautiful relationship that is devoted and faithful.

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Vietnamese dating etiquette

Unlike in some cultures, Vietnamese singles usually turn up to a date on time, and many would hope their date does the same. Here are some useful tips to follow when dating Vietnamese girls or guys. 

Etiquette for dating a Vietnamese woman

Etiquette for dating a Vietnamese guy

How to act during the courtship period 

When dating single Vietnamese people, you may find the first few dates are quite tame. It’s often best to avoid serious topics, and kissing does not usually occur in the beginning. You can focus on getting to know your date and enjoy the innocence of it all. 

However, things can move on fairly quickly from there; after just a few dates, many Vietnamese singles consider themselves to be in a relationship. This is when you can feel comfortable broaching more serious topics such as ex-partners in an open and honest manner. 

At this stage of the relationship, daily communication is often polite, and even necessary. This can include texts, calls, or video calls. This is a sign that the relationship is progressing.

When it comes to showing PDA, single Vietnamese people sometimes wait until the relationship is fully established since, historically, showing affection publicly too soon can bring shame to the families. As for being intimate, some people prefer to wait up to one year. This is changing over time though, so you can always ask your date what feels right to them. 

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Americans dating Vietnamese girls or guys

Many Americans have dated single Vietnamese people and found true love and happiness. If you’re honest with each other and take things at your date’s pace, you are likely to enjoy the experience. 

On your first few dates, feel free to keep the conversation light. Try and avoid bringing up topics involving the United States and Vietnam, unless you want to mention the increase in Vietnamese coffee being imported to the US, and how great it tastes!

Vietnamese first date ideas 

Now that you know more about Vietnamese dating culture, and you’ve met your potential partner on one of the Vietnamese dating apps, it’s time to go out on your first date. Here are some ideas:

Keep in mind that although dates often happen publicly, suggesting you go to the cinema may be frowned upon because sitting next to each other in the dark can be seen as inappropriate. 


What is some advice for dating a Vietnamese man?

Many Vietnamese men may assume a traditional gender role and expect to be the breadwinner in a relationship. Letting them pay for everything on dates is often expected in Vietnamese dating culture. 

Who do Vietnamese women date?

While every Vietnamese woman prefers different traits, many look for a man who’s a confident leader. If you make the first move on Vietnamese dating apps, organize dates, buy cute small gifts, and text or speak every day, it might impress your date.

Are arranged marriages common in Vietnam?

While arranged marriages might still be happening in rural areas, in urban areas dating works much as it does in other countries—people often meet on Vietnamese dating apps or in clubs and go out for coffee to get to know each other. 

Our final thoughts

Dating a Vietnamese person can introduce you to a whole new and fascinating culture that is both traditional and progressive. Since single Vietnamese people are often honest about their feelings, you can know where the relationship is heading after just a few dates.

If you feel ready to start dating, you join the best Vietnamese dating apps and go on that first date. You can make sure you are seen on the apps by creating an outstanding profile.

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