How to Best Date on Irish Dating Apps and Sites: Updated 2024

Published: October 13, 2022
Updated: November 17, 2022
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If you’re looking to date Irish singles, you may already have some ideas about what that might look like. But the Irish dating scene comes with its nuances, and it’s not all beer pints, cold weather, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Read on to find out what dating an Irish person is actually like, so you can put your best foot forward not only from the first date but from that first message on one of the best Irish dating apps

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The best Irish dating apps and sites

The first step to finding your next Irish relationship is to join a dating platform. Check out our suggestions for the best Irish dating apps and sites below. 

1. EliteSingles

EliteSingles is one of the most popular Irish dating apps as it caters to educated individuals. If you are looking for a serious relationship in Ireland, this can be a good place to start.

2. OkCupid

If you are new to the world of Irish dating apps, OkCupid might be the best starting point. The app prioritizes functionality and offers a large and diverse pool of members you can match with, making it a great way to meet dates and friends.

3. Hinge

If you are interested in finding a long-term relationship on Irish dating apps, Hinge is the way to go. The app encourages organic conversations between members by prompting you to respond to a specific part of a member’s profile.

Disclaimer: This article in no way aims to perpetuate stereotypes or prejudices towards those from a specific culture. Use this guide for general insights into Irish dating culture, while keeping in mind that not all Irish people follow the same attitudes or behaviors.

Understanding Irish dating culture

Whether you’re going to use an Irish American dating site or an Irish dating site, the Irish dating culture may take you by surprise. 

Since the Irish can take dating seriously, dating in Ireland isn’t a fast affair; it can take a while for the first date to eventuate and some time and lots of texting until the second date is planned. Both sides tend to play it cool in the beginning, so don’t automatically think they’re ghosting you.

The Irish typically have large extended families and remain more close-knit than in most other English-speaking cultures. You can expect to attend many, many family gatherings, reunions, and weddings. Winning your date’s parents over is going to be key to having a future together, but don’t get discouraged if you’re relegated to a separate guestroom the first time you stay over with the parents. 

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Irish dating etiquette

If you don’t know much about Ireland, it might be a good idea to brush up on Irish history, particularly when it comes to its relationship with the UK, so you don’t inadvertently make any faux pas. If you’ve watched the TV show “First Dates Ireland,” you may have great insight into the way you may behave, but if you haven’t, here’s what you might want to know:  

Etiquettes for dating an Irish man

Etiquettes for dating an Irish woman

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How to act during the courtship period 

The man nearly always asks the woman out when it comes to Irish dating. However, it can take up to a month of conversations on Irish dating apps just to go out on a first date. 

Even if the date goes well, you can expect a delay before the second date. Many Irish singles don’t immediately text back and this isn’t considered rude, but rather part of the dating ritual. If you make it to a third date, you’re going to need to win their mother over. 

Most Irish people have a great sense of humor and are up for a “great craic.” However, even though they joke around a lot, they’re very serious when forming a relationship and are deeply committed once a couple. 

As the relationship progresses, they might drop the compliments and let their sense of humor shine instead; you can know he loves you when he refers to you as the missus or “chain and ball,” as if he has no choice but to be with you. You can know she’s falling for you if she starts adding more x’s at the end of texts as time goes on. 

Americans dating an Irish person

Many Irish people have a good sense of humor, but try to be sensitive with your jokes and conversations about Ireland vs. the UK. Be careful when bringing up certain aspects of U.S. politics. Your date might have a strong opinion about gun laws and the second amendment, and about voting blue or red.

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First date ideas when dating an Irish person

You’ve met your first Irish date on Irish dating apps, and you’re up-to-date on how to act and what to expect when dating an Irish person. Now is the time to gather some ideas for your first date!

Irish dating activities vary wildly, and the trick is to know what kind of person your date is first. Here are some typical first dates that Irish singles may choose:


What does Irish dating consist of?

Irish dating can be conventional, but if you’ve met your Irish date on one of the Irish dating apps available, it might take a while before the first date is set up. Even when meeting in person, it can take a while for a man to ask a woman out for a date and even longer for things to heat up.

How do I woo an Irish man?

There are a few tips you can use to woo an Irish man. You can say you’re interested in hurling and ask him to explain the rules, pay him compliments on his looks or accent on the first few dates. If you are chatting with him on one of the Irish dating apps, you can compliment his sense of humor.

How do I woo an Irish woman?

Many Irish women can be feisty and strong-willed. Your date might appreciate you being assertive without being arrogant as she may be looking for a serious partner. Make her laugh and treat her with respect. 

Our final thoughts

When dating an Irish person, you might find some cultural differences, especially if you are from across the ocean. These differences don’t have to get in the way of developing a romantic relationship, as long as you and your date enjoy spending time together.

Now that you’re caught up on all aspects of Irish dating culture, feel free to join some Irish dating apps and sites to find your dream partner. 

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