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Published: November 1, 2022
Updated: November 17, 2022
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Latvia is one of Northern Europe’s most attractive countries. But not only the Latvian nature is stunning—most Latvian women and men are too. According to BNN, 35.1% of Latvian males and 24.6% of Latvian females are single and, if you want to date in Latvia, it’s important to learn about its dating etiquette. 

Disclaimer: This article in no way aims to perpetuate stereotypes or prejudices towards those from a specific culture. Use this guide for general insights into the Latvia dating culture, keeping in mind that not all Latvian people follow the same attitudes or behaviors. 

Best Latvian dating site options

Online dating is gaining more and more popularity in Latvia. Popular Latvian dating site options are Badoo, Bumble, SweetMeet, InnerCircle, and iHappy. Sign up for the best Latvian dating site for you today to begin your Latvia dating journey:

1. Badoo

One of the largest dating platforms in the world, Badoo is a great option for a Latvian dating site to find both casual and serious relationships. If you’re in Latvia, you can use Badoo’s unique “people nearby” option to find a Latvian single.

2. Bumble

Many Latvians may appreciate gender equality. Bumble is a great choice for a Latvian dating site since it encourages women to make the first move.

3. InnerCircle

Launched in Amsterdam, InnerCircle is a hybrid of a selective dating site and a social dating experience, making it the perfect Latvian dating site if you’re new in Latvia and want to socialize.

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Understanding Latvian culture when dating in Latvia

Modern and traditional standards

Latvians inherit a mixture of modern and traditional standards. Because most Latvian families are religious, they prefer serious commitments and value loyalty and trust. They also have a deep respect for family values. On the other hand, many Latvians—especially in the big cities—are starting to live by a more liberal, Western European standard.

Women-men ratio

Statistictimes states that for every 100 Latvian women, there are around 86 Latvian men. That fact is pretty alluring for many foreign men wanting to date in Latvia. On the other hand, if you are a woman dating a Latvian man, there might be much more competition. 

Intellect and education

In Latvia, most people have a highly educated background. A good education, intellect, and a job are considered important to many Latvians. Most Latvian men and women are pursuing a career and balancing jobs, and family is considered the responsibility of both.

The country of models

Latvians belong to the tallest and most beautiful people in the world. The mixture of Scandinavian and Russian traits makes them appeal to many foreigners. But good looks come with some work! Most of them take good care of themselves—they love to do sports and are living a healthy lifestyle. 

Serious commitments

Most Latvians aren’t big fans of casual flings. Due to their pragmatic nature, they often take time to trust and open up in a relationship. That is one of the reasons why many Latvians prefer serious relationships to casual encounters

How to meet Latvian women and men 

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Online dating 

There are not many dating apps used in Latvia, but that also means that there is a bigger concentration of people on fewer dating apps. The Latvian dating site that is most used by Latvian singles is Badoo. The popularity of Baddo is also due to its Russian origins

Bars and pubs

Especially in the capital Riga there are many bars and pubs where you can connect with other singles during nighttime. If you enjoy karaoke, Rock Café is a good place to meet Latvian singles. For a more clubby atmosphere, you could try Chomsky lounge or Nabaklab club.

Parks and beaches

If you prefer meeting a Latvian single during the daytime, you can visit one of the parks, gardens, or beaches of Latvia. Jurmala beach is the most popular beach close to Riga, and Vērmane Garden and Bastejkalna park are beautiful nature spots. 

Smaller cities

If you want to meet more traditional singles, you can visit smaller cities like Saulkrasti, Jelgava, Daugavpils, or Liepāja. There you can visit popular cafés, malls, parks, and pubs to meet local men and women. 

Etiquette when dating in Latvia

If you’ve met someone on a Latvian dating site, here are some dating etiquette tips to get you started.

4 etiquette tips for dating a Latvian man

  1. Be patient in breaking the ice. Latvian men might seem cold and distant at first as they do not open up very easily. Take your time to get to know them and be patient. 
  2. They are protective but not jealous. Macho culture is still present in Latvia and men tend to be very protective. On the other hand, most won’t have a problem if you go out alone, so as a woman you still have a lot of independence.
  3. They have a different sense of humor. At first sight, Latvian men might not seem very funny or humorous, but once you get to know them, you will learn to appreciate their subtle sense of humor.
  4. Most Latvian men like sports. Besides cheering for their favorite hockey team, most Latvian men are very active and expect their future partners to keep up.

4 etiquette tips for dating a Latvian woman

  1. Latvian women generally like it classy. Most Latvian women prefer quality over quantity. Try to be a gentleman and choose a casual smart appearance.
  2. They prefer honesty over compliments. Cheesy flirting and ordinary compliments are not well received by most Latvian women. Instead, they prefer honest and intelligent communication.
  3. Be patient. Most Latvian women do not fall in love very easily. They prefer to take their time to get to know you and it might take a while to gain their trust. 
  4. They like active and sporty men. Due to the beautiful nature of Latvia, most Latvian women like outdoor activities and are very sporty. 
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Top 5 first date ideas in Latvia

Discover Latvian history. The historic center of Riga is UNESCO World Heritage and perfect for an afternoon walk. You can explore the many small streets and visit some of the city’s oldest buildings and cathedrals. You might even encounter young girls dressed in traditional Latvian costumes playing different instruments.

Enjoy Latvian cuisine. In Riga, you can indulge your taste buds at the Central Market or dine in one of the many restaurants. Some of the top restaurants in Riga are El Gaucho, Vincents, and Milda. As a dessert, you might sip some of Riga’s famous Balck Balsam, the dark and astringent liqueur made of 24 herbs.

Chill in a park. Especially in summer, Latvia has a lot of beautiful nature to offer. If you are in the city, grab a coffee and enjoy a sunny afternoon in one of the many parks or gardens.

Take a boat tour. Cruising along the Daugava is a lovely way to discover Latvia and get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

Spend a day at the beach. Jurmala beach is one of the most popular beaches in Latvia, where you can spend a sunny day walking on white sand and relaxing in a cozy atmosphere.

How to act when dating in Latvia: first date to relationship

If you’ve found the Latvian dating site for you, it’s time to learn what to expect from the Latvia dating culture.


If you start dating a Latvian single, you might find it hard to connect with them at first. Many Latvians are known to be a bit cold and tend to take their time to open up. Intimacy won’t happen at the beginning of the dating process, but rather later on once trust is established. 

Give your date the time it needs and make them feel cared for. Most Latvians are looking for a serious commitment, but there are exceptions of course. Therefore it is always recommended to communicate intentions right at the beginning. 


Once you gain their trust, most Latvians are loyal companions. Marriage is the end goal for many Latvians, but it is recommended to take your time before proposing. Cheating is a no-go for Latvians. Generally speaking, Latvians like to be independent but also appreciate spending quality time together and sharing responsibilities at home. 


At a Latvian wedding ceremony, the groom is expected to stay with his wife all night and never leave her side. This support continues in day-to-day life. Respect for tradition and family values will most likely lead to a successful marriage. Most Latvians put their family first and honor each other in a relationship. They also love children and will likely want to raise strong and self-willed children. Staying faithful and mutual respect are expected by most Latvians.

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Things to keep in mind for Americans dating a Latvian 


Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about Latvian dating site options and dating in Latvia.

What is it like to date a Latvian man?

Most Latvian men are proud, sporty, confident, and protective. They might seem a bit cold or distant at first, and you will have to prove your worth and gain their trust with time. Many have a great but different sense of humor and appreciate intellect and politeness.

How do Latvian girls date?

Most Latvian women are very confident and independent. They might seem a bit cold and play hard to get at the beginning. They are very proud and like to take care of themselves. Be polite, diligent, and confident, and respect their tradition and intellect. 

Does tinder work in Latvia?

Yes, Tinder can be used in Latvia. For more recommendations on Latvian dating apps see above.

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Our final thoughts

Dating in Latvia is a very special experience. If you are looking for a confident, polite, sporty, and smart partner, Latvian singles might meet your expectations. Using a Latvian dating site, you are able to meet Latvian women and men from all over the country and start dating them. Remember to keep the local dating culture in mind and use the above-mentioned tips to find your Latvian partner. 

Find the Latvian dating site that meets your needs and start flirting today with our best-ranked online dating apps!

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