How to Date Serbian Singles: The Best Serbian Dating Sites and Tips (2024)

Published: November 1, 2022
Updated: November 17, 2022
serbian dating tips and sites

Serbia is a popular travel destination for foreigners, and especially the capital Belgrade is considered a heaven for international dating. Learn more about how to date in Serbia below. 

Disclaimer: This article in no way aims to perpetuate stereotypes or prejudices towards those from a specific culture. Use this guide for general insights into the Serbian dating culture, while keeping in mind that not all Serbian people follow the same attitudes or behaviors. 

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Best Serbian dating sites 

Popular dating apps in Serbia are Bumble, Badoo, and Zoosk. For casual flirts, Serbians like to use Pure or Feeld. Sign up today to begin your Serbian dating journey:

1. Zoosk

Zoosk is a great option for a Serbian dating site since it’s very diverse. You can find both serious and casual relationships on the app, and there are many filters according to which you can personalize your search.

2. Bumble

Many Serbians may appreciate gender equality. Bumble is a great choice for a Serbian dating site since it encourages women to make the first move.

3. Badoo

One of the largest dating platforms in the world, Badoo is a great option for a Serbian dating site to find both casual and serious relationships. If you’re in Serbia, you can use Badoo’s unique “people nearby” option to find a Serbian single.

Understanding the Serbian dating culture 

Serbia is a country influenced by history and tradition. The local dating culture is rooted in honor, pride, and traditions. 

Pride and Identity

Serbia was part of the former state of Yugoslavia and is still influenced by its history to this day. There is a sense of nostalgia for the greatness of Serbia during the Yugoslav years, and most Serbians are proud of their country. They love to talk about their history. Their strong sense of identity makes them ideal hosts that will share their culture with you, so it’s great if you show a genuine interest.


Dark humor and aphorisms are very common among Serbians. They tend to be very direct and sometimes even blunt. Humor is used frequently in conversations but can be difficult to detect, as it is not always accompanied by laughter or a smile. Serbians tend to be direct and freely express their opinion or disagreement.


Most Serbians are conservative when it comes to work, free time, or dating. They are serious about dating and marriage and know what they want from life. They prefer serious commitments to casual relationships and tend to put family first. Slavic traditional values are still very present and followed by many Serbians.  

Honor and Loyalty

A Serbian’s honor is usually closely connected to the reputation of the family. If one is affected, all are affected. This strong feeling of being part of a collective is reflected in the whole culture. Betrayal and cheating are considered to bring a sense of dishonor and shame. When it comes to relationships, most Serbians stay loyal to their partner for all their lives. 

How to meet Serbian singles

the best ways to start serbian dating

Serbian dating sites

Because most Serbians are on the more conservative end, it can be a challenge to meet a Serbian single offline. Online dating apps are a good option if you are looking to connect to Serbian women and men all over the world. You can register on most Serbian dating sites for free and use filters to search for Serbian singles near you.

At a sports game

Most Serbians love sports, so there is a high chance of meeting Serbian singles at a football or basketball game. If you don’t want to go to a stadium, you can visit a pub or bar where locals usually gather to watch the game. They tend to be very passionate about their team and open to sharing their passion with new people. 

On a day out

Singles in Belgrade like to leave the city on weekends. A good place to meet new people is Ada Ciganlija, a small river island on the river Sava. There are many sporting facilities, cafés, and even a beach located on the island where you can easily meet locals.

At Nighttime

Going on a night out in Serbia you will likely meet many new people. Belgrade offers the best selection of nightclubs and bars, which are located all over the city. The Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter is a popular neighborhood with many bars and clubs. Locals tend to be very open to sharing some drinks with foreigners, especially when it comes to their local drink Rakija.  

Etiquette in Serbian dating culture

serbian dating etiquette

4 etiquette tips for dating a Serbian man

  1. Be a food-lover. Most Serbian men love to eat and appreciate gourmet food. For most of them, the ideal woman can cook like their mother. 
  2. Accept his family. If you are dating a Serbian man, you will likely also date his whole family. Be open to getting to know his family and most of all: do not start an argument with his mother.
  3. Most Serbian men are romantic. They tend to love candlelight dinners, romantic picnics, and offering little gifts. Be prepared for romantic gestures and thoughtful presents. 
  4. They are devoted. You can almost be sure that once you start dating a Serbian man, you will be the only woman he is seeing. They tend to be very loyal.

4 etiquette tips for dating a Serbian woman

  1. Be confident. Most Serbian women invest a lot of time and money in their appearance and self-development, which makes them confident. They are looking for a strong man that knows his own worth. 
  2. Respect her culture. When dating a Serbian woman, you will automatically become part of her culture. Inform yourself about local traditions and customs and show interest in her country.
  3. Clarify your intentions. Most Serbian women are looking for long-term commitments. You should communicate your intention clearly at the beginning so your priorities match. 
  4. Be on time. Serbian women take dating seriously and want a man to do the same. If she arrives before you on the date, she may feel offended and think you are not making an effort. 

5 first date ideas when dating Serbian singles

  1. Visit the Bridge of Love. Did you know that the origins of the lovelock are in Belgrade? The little bridge in Vrnjačka Banja is a place of pilgrimage for romantics all over the world and a nice destination for a romantic date. 
  2. Have a picnic in the park. Serbia is a very green country and the cities are full of green spaces. Buy some fresh food at the market and have a romantic picnic in the park. 
  3. Discover history in a castle. Serbia is full of historic castles that are perfect locations for a romantic first date. Kaštel Castle and Fantast Castle are both excellent destinations.
  4. Explore Serbia’s nature. If you want to spend a day in nature and take a breathtaking picture together, Uvac Canyon can be the perfect spot. Other than that, Serbia has a lot of national parks that want to be explored. 
  5. Visit the prettiest town in Serbia. Sremski Karlovci is an enchanting little village that combines history with religion, nature, and delicious wine. 

How to act in Serbian dating culture: first date to relationship

serbian dating site ideas


Most Serbians are not interested in one-night stands but rather looking for a partner to form a family with. When dating a Serbian, you may invest some time into gaining his or her trust before getting intimate. The question of exclusivity most likely won’t occur, because once you start dating a Serbian, you are automatically exclusive. 


Once in a relationship, Serbians tend to be loyal and conservative. They might prefer to stay at home instead of going out to dance. Most Serbians are very caring and romantic in relationships. Due to the close bond with their families, it may happen that they interfere with or influence your relationship. 


Many Serbians tend to marry in their late twenties to early thirties. Many choose to be married in an Orthodox Christian church. Women and men are considered equal, but Serbian men often see it as their duty to care for and provide for their families. After marriage, it is common to stay in close contact with the family or even live under the same roof.

Things to keep in mind for Americans dating in Serbia


What is dating like in Serbia?

Serbia is very traditional when it comes to dating. Chivalry and good manners are considered important. Many Serbians prefer long-term relationships and value their family over everything. Serbians like to be exclusive and tend to be very loyal.

How do you approach a Serbian woman?

Most Serbian women appreciate chivalry and like to be treated with respect. Most women prefer the man to make the first move and don’t like rude language. Ask a lot of questions and show interest in her and her culture.  

Does Tinder work in Serbia?

Yes, the dating app Tinder works in Serbia. For more recommendations check the aforementioned Serbian dating apps.

Our final thoughts

Serbian dating culture is based on traditional values. Most Serbian singles are conservative and prefer long-term commitments. They are known to be loyal, devoted, and family-centered. There exist many spots to meet Serbian singles—especially in the capital Belgrade. 

Online dating is another great alternative for connecting to Serbian singles all over the country. If you choose to date a Serbian woman or man, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind.

Learn more about the best Serbian dating sites and start chatting today with one of the best Eastern European online dating apps!

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