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As the birthplace of Judaism, Israel is known today for its rich culture—including a unique Israeli and Jewish dating culture. From chatting on Jewish dating sites to planning the first date, there are several norms to learn.

Get to know the ins and outs of Israeli dating, including how to choose the best Jewish dating app and Israeli men and Israeli women dating etiquette.

Disclaimer: This article in no way aims to perpetuate stereotypes or prejudices towards those from a specific culture. Use this guide for general insights on Israeli and Jewish dating culture, while keeping in mind that not all Israeli people follow the same attitudes or behaviors.

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Understanding Israeli and Jewish Dating Culture

Religion is deeply rooted in Israeli dating culture, though not everyone follows the same rules and practices. Traditionally, Judaism viewed dating as a necessary process to find a high-quality marriage partner. Casual dating was generally frowned upon.

Couples were encouraged to spend dates openly discussing their future goals to gauge their true compatibility. In this way, Judaism encouraged people to prioritize authenticity over whether or not a person fit the “ideal” for a dating partner.

This is still true for many Israeli and Jewish singles today. Pressure isn’t put on being a perfect partner, but rather on being your true self. Character is often highly regarded compared to good looks or superficial charm.

That might be why many Israelis don’t dress up for dates, nor do they act overly polite. They tend to prefer a casual, authentic approach when getting to know each other.

Intimate conversations are usually favored over intimate touching in the beginning stages of dating. This is especially true for more traditional and Orthodox Jewish people.

Sexuality was once viewed as something to pursue only when it was related to marriage. Some Israelis still abide by this principle, while others might dabble in casual dating and hookups.

Israeli Men and Israeli Women Dating Etiquette

Not all Israeli and Jewish people follow the same rules when dating. Etiquette can vary greatly depending on religious denomination, local community norms, and even personal preferences.

Still, there are a few general customs to look out for when dating an Israeli man or woman.

  • Honesty: Many Israelis are direct about their thoughts and feelings, and they might expect you to act the same way. Avoid dropping hints or being passive-aggressive. Instead, say exactly what you mean.
  • Saying no: Similar to being honest, Israeli people typically prefer a dating partner to say “no” when they want to reject an offer, rather than giving a vague “maybe.” While this might be considered rude in some cultures, this is the norm in Israeli culture.
  • Gender roles: Israeli dating culture often encourages both men and women to initiate dates. However, some Israeli and Jewish communities are more traditional and have stricter gender roles. Ask your partner what they’re accustomed to and if their religion dictates their views on gender norms.
  • Paying for dates: In Israeli dating culture, there isn’t one proper etiquette when it comes to footing the bill. Some men might insist on paying, while others choose to split the bill. It’s also common for men to pay the most expensive portion of the date (such as dinner) and women pay for a cheaper bill (such as coffee).
  • Spontaneity: For many Israeli and Jewish people, adventure and spontaneity are a key part of a happy life. When it comes to dating, then, don’t take it personally if your Israeli partner doesn’t plan dates in advance.

jewish dating in a backyard

First Date Ideas When Dating an Israeli or Jewish Person

Planning a successful first date is usually up to the person who initiated the date, whether that be a man or woman.

Open and honest conversations are key for Israeli couples getting to know each other, so choose a date spot that allows for plenty of talking. This could include:

  • Cafes
  • Quiet restaurants
  • A comfortable bar or lounge
  • Gardens and parks

If you suggest an activity like watching a movie or strolling through an art museum, be sure to pair it with at least one round of coffees or a meal together. That way, you have a chance to chat without distractions.

Navigating the Stages of Dating in Israeli Culture

Many modern Israeli and Jewish couples meet through friends, at bars and clubs, or on dating apps. Orthodox Jewish singles may have a rigid process to follow when dating, and therefore some may only trust a matchmaker to arrange their romantic relationships.

Generally, Israeli men and women begin courtship by going on a one-on-one date. They might openly express their interest and intentions, but because relationships are often developed slowly over time, they’ll likely delay becoming an official couple until later.

If you’re dating an Israeli or Jewish person, avoid rushing through the dating stages. Enjoy each step, and take your time getting to know each other’s personalities and interests.

During this time, it’s common to meet each other’s families. Unlike in some cultures, this isn’t typically a sign that marriage is on the horizon. Instead, it’s just a way to learn more about a partner’s life and background.

Many Israelis may also become very affectionate at this time, calling each other sweet nicknames before using the titles “girlfriend” and “boyfriend.” Using terms of endearment is a common way to express romantic interest in Israeli dating culture.

Overall, Secular Jewish Israelis usually take a go-with-the-flow approach when dating. If things are going well after several dates, one person will invite the other to officially enter into a relationship.

As the relationship develops, some may prefer to live together or discuss marriage early, while others choose to take their time. It’s common to wait until after military service and graduating from university to get married, though traditional Jewish couples often marry early in their 20s.

Jewish Dating Sites: How to Choose the Best Jewish Dating App

Whether you’re Jewish yourself or just interested in meeting Israeli and Jewish singles, several dating sites and apps make it possible to match with your ideal type.

When choosing an online dating service for Jewish singles, it’s best to opt for those that allow you to search by religion. That way, you can narrow your options to find like-minded individuals.

It’s also important to identify exactly what you hope to get out of dating. Do you want casual flings or long-term love? You can often find Jewish people on both hookup apps and serious relationship apps, so sign up for the type that best suits your needs.

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Special Considerations When Dating an Israeli or Jewish Person

If you’re not from an Israeli or Jewish background, you’re bound to run into some cultural differences when dating an Israeli or Jewish person. However, becoming aware of these differences in advance can help prevent misunderstandings and surprises later on.

  • First, it’s helpful to remember that while most Israelis are Jewish (around 75%), there is a lot of religious and cultural variation among them. Instead of making assumptions about an Israeli partner’s beliefs or lifestyle, ask questions to learn about their culture.
  • For those who are religious, you might be invited to partake in certain cultural rituals, such as Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest).
  • For non-Jewish women who are interested in marrying a Jewish man, there may be pressure to convert to his religion, especially if you intend to have children in the future. This is based on a belief that the Jewish identity is matrilineal.
  • That might be why mothers are highly valued in Jewish culture. Expect your partner’s mother to have a lot of influence over their life. Treat them (and your partner’s family in general) with reverence, and show gratitude for any food or gifts they may offer.


Can a non-Jewish person date someone from Israel?

A Jewish partner isn’t necessary for Israelis who don’t closely follow the Jewish faith. But for those who do, they may prefer to date, and especially marry, another Jewish person. However, this can vary depending on the person and the branch of Judaism they follow.

What do Israelis look for in a romantic partner?

Many Israelis look for partners who are goal-oriented and have similar hopes for the future. They may also look for someone with similar religious beliefs. But above all, Israelis tend to prefer people who are authentic and open about who they are.

From there, they can determine if a romantic partner is compatible or not.

How common is LGBTQ+ dating in Israel?

Though Israel is known for its religious roots, it isn’t as conservative as some other countries when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ relationships are accepted by many modern Israeli and Jewish people.

As a society, Israel is also relatively open to LGBTQ+ rights, even becoming the first Asian country to legally recognize same-sex unions (via cohabitation).

How do you know an Israeli person likes you?

Many Israelis prefer to be honest and upfront when dating, so in many cases, they may outright admit their feelings.

If they don’t, there are other signs to look for, such as using affectionate pet names, remembering small details you’ve shared in past conversations, and messaging and calling regularly.

Israeli and Jewish Dating: Our Final Thoughts

Israeli and Jewish dating culture can vary greatly depending on the person. But with the above tips and information, you can get an idea of what to expect when dating an Israeli man or woman.

Get matched with Israeli and Jewish singles on the best Jewish dating apps, and take your time getting to know each person. An open mind is one of the best ways to win over your Israeli crush!

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